31 Weeks Nail Art Challenge – Week 1 RED

Oh my, when was the last time I’ve blogged? This year I wanna really push myself to doing more videos/blogging and stuff. Don’t wanna be that lazy you know. I also wanna redirect this blog to a bit more artistic things, I mean not only writing, but also doing nail polish reviews and stuff like that. I mean why not? I don’t have a lot at hand, but I think it’ll be fun y’know?

Some of you may know, I love making cards, but since I study abroad, I have nothing with me to craft here in the UK. In replacement, I paint my nails and do some other things as well. This challenge was supposed to be 31 days challenge, but due to time constraints and lack of supplies, this is now 31 weeks challenge, AND some challenges will be replaced.

Here’s the challenge list:
Day 1 – Red color
Day 2 – Orange color (Replace)
Day 3 – Yellow color
Day 4 – Green color
Day 5 – Blue color
Day 6 – Purple color
Day 7 – B&W colors
Day 8 – Metallic
Day 9 – Rainbow
Day 10 – Gradient
Day 11 – Polka dots
Day 12 – Stripes
Day 13 – Animal Print (Replace)
Day 14 – Flowers (Replace)
Day 15 – Delicate print
Day 16 – Tribal print
Day 17 – Glitter
Day 18 – Half moons
Day 19 – Galaxy
Day 20 – Water marble (Replace)
Day 21 – Inspired by a color
Day 22 – Inspired by a song
Day 23 – Inspired by a movie
Day 24 – Inspired by a book
Day 25 – Inspired by fashion
Day 26 – Inspired by a pattern
Day 27 – Inspired by an artwork
Day 28 – Inspired by a flag (Replace)
Day 29 – Inspired by the supernatural (Replace)
Day 30 – Inspired by a tutorial
Day 31 – Recreate any nail art

Replacements: (5 in total)
Pastel colors
Nail tape
Inspired by video games
Inspired by an item
Inspired by a technique

This week is RED color. I did half moons on my thumb and middle finger, leaving index and pinky just red color, and ring finger black with glitter polish.


Thumb + Middle: 2True base coat + NYC #268 Fashion Ave Fuchsia + Rimmel London #800 Black Out + 2True top coat.
Index + Pinky: 2True base coat + NYC #268 Fashion Ave Fuchsia + 2True top coat.
Ring: 2True base coat + Rimmel London #800 Black Out + Rimmel London #500 Disco Ball + 2True top coat.

What do you think of this post and nail art? Let me know in the comments! I’d love some feedback especially since this is new for me. 😀

My Apocalyptic Dream

I’ve done this before in April 2012, and well, here I am again with another apocalyptic dream.

So basically I was with my parents on the street on a Sunday shopping and stuff. We went to a slightly opened area, and suddenly my parents ran and jumped down into the wide-open moat which also acts as a river/sewer. They saw mutated people there and tried to get out but no luck before they turned as well. The mutation turn humans into light blue, without any hint of skin color on their face. I ran away while a lot of people stared frightened. I ran to a chapel, and went in while a priest and a few people are having friendly chats. I told them it’s like the end of the world out there, and we all closed the doors of the chapel. The dream ended with me stepping out of the chapel and to the toilet nearby…had to go pee while this little kid was trying to fight with me.

Same way of doing this, gonna use Dream Moods & The Curious Dreamer and try to analyse that dream.

 To dream of the apocalypse signifies an emotional and dramatic change taken place within yourself. The dream may also indicate the end of one kind of lifestyle and the beginning of another. (Dream Moods)
2. Overwhelm, loss of control, destruction, especially from external circumstances. It could represent a fear of these things, or of some past, current, expected, or feared situation in your life involving chaos and loss of control. (The Curious Dreamer)

Mutation: To see a mutant in your dream indicates your fears of things that are different. The dream is trying to teach you to be more open and tolerant of things that you may not be used to. (Dream Moods)

Parents: To see your parents in your dream symbolize both power, shelter, and love. You may be expressing your concerns and worries about your own parents. To dream about the death of your parents indicates that you are undergoing a significant change in your waking life. Your relationship with your parents has evolved into a new realm. (Dream Moods)

I don’t actually know if there’s anything more to analyse, plus, is the mutation of my parents considered as death? Well, anyways, I really don’t know what did I actually get from the analysis this time. Like last time, I am rather stressed, with schoolwork this time. I do miss my significant other and it’s so close to deadlines and it’s just…stressful. Well, there you go, have a new blog post.

P.S.: It’s snowing on my blog again! #happyface


Life rant/Catch up with me.

Jeez, this is going to be a long post. One of those late night post full of feelings yenno.

I hated secondary school, I always have, and I probably always will. Still remember when I used to get bad grades in school? I’m not ashamed to say my final results in HKDSE were a 5*, a 4, three 3’s, and a 2. I was never good in Chinese, which was where I got my 2 from. I came last in class back then. Heh. I used to be ashamed of my Chinese skills, but now? Now, I’m more proud of my English skills than I am ashamed of anything else. Last year, I didn’t study in Year 1 because I entered the school with my IGCSE results. I went into foundation year, studying something I love, Media & Communication. I loved the subject so much, I put a crap ton of effort in it. I graduated with results I never knew I could achieve. *cough*I came 1st/2nd in class around 5 times.*cough* I ended last year with an 84 in Media & Marketing, topping the class. #likeabaus Even though I still did average in Sociology especially, I didn’t fail once. How did I do such difference in foundation studies from secondary school though? It’s just because I LOVED what I was doing, simple as. I realized I just hated what I was doing in secondary school. So don’t ask me why I’m not actively going back to gatherings.

Coming to the UK, meeting all these new friends, both in real life, and on the Internet, made me realize something else. I loved my secondary school friends, but some of our friendships just don’t work anymore. Some friends I used to consider being best friends…should never be considered as best friends. Some of my closest friends from secondary will always remain my best friends, but there are a few that I no longer consider my friends anymore. Looking back, there are friends whom I should never have trusted as best friends. Anyways, right now I have so many more awesome friends who share the same interest as me, and I intend to meet more. I love all of them, even though some of us aren’t as close as others, we still support each other. Rumor-free, stress-free, and they’re always willing to listen. Let me be honest, I’ve never had a friend who will always listen to me like he did, apart from my boyfriend that is. (Thank you Patrick. :3 <3)

As I said earlier, I’m proud of my English skills. I’m now capable to speak fluent English, and I’ve been improving because I have these friends from all over the world. Jeez, they’re literally from all over the world as well, UK obviously, US, Ireland, Sweden, Portugal, Norway, Belgium. Communicating with them had improved my English skills…well my boyfriend said so…he would understand even when I derp and say gibberish.  ._. Over time I’ve develop a teeny tiny bit of British accent on top of my weird ‘Murican accent as well. However I can never get over the fact that I have to start calling “chips” “crisps”, and “toe-may-toe” “toe-mah-toe”. Nahhh, I’m not gonna get over it. Maybe some day.

Recently though, I’ve gotten very frustrated about my social life. I don’t normally go out at night, and I don’t normally go out at all. Now I’ve only my school life, and video games, but I now feel like that is not enough. Which was why in the past summer I’ve a new hobby, crafting. However, now that I’ve returned to the UK, I was forced to put down this hobby. (All the supplies aren’t here with me.) I’ve always wanted to join some dancing classes in Uni maybe? Now that’s the problem. I grew up learning ballet, then switching to hip hop/jazz, requiring none free-styling. I suck at free-styling. If I’m ever to get into dancing again I don’t want to be in a class full of people who’ve never stopped dancing, because I haven’t danced in 2 years. (Holy shit that’s a long time.) I missed dancing so much, and giving up dancing is my biggest regret in life yet, even though I wasn’t the one to make the decision. Maybe one day I’ll go pick up one of those adult lyrical ballet classes that doesn’t require skills nor free-styling. ._.

Addressing a question people itch to ask me sometimes: How’s my relationship going on? I have to admit, I’ve seen so many LDRs, but not many works. There are 2 couples I personally know that are in LDRs, and 3 other couples that I don’t know personally. It isn’t easy, knowing your loved one is sad/sick/mad, but you just can’t do anything except talking to them. I know we all are fighting hard though. Jacob and I are 8 months into our relationship, we did get sad, very sad in fact, during this past summer because we missed each other too much. We had tiny arguments that aren’t exactly arguments. We had ups and downs…but in the end of the day, we still love each other, we still are there for each other. I know we’re both hurting because we miss each other too much, but we stayed strong, and that’s the most important thing. The other 2 LDR couples both have a longer history than I do, I hope we all keep fighting. We can do it. To: David x Rachel, Jordan x Rhee. 🙂 ❤

Welp I guess that’s kinda the end of this. If you’ve any questions, about me/about life/about relationships/whatever, go ask me at ask.fm/alyssakx. I also apologize about whatever grammar mistake I made, it’s almost 3am.