Galaxy Nail Art Tutorial!! Using Rimmel London and Barry M nail polishes.


I’m skipping a week of Nail Art challenge, because it was my birthday! As some of you may know I am IN LOVE with galaxy themed things. So I’ve decided to give galaxy nails another try! After watching some tutorials, I’ve decided to get some make-up sponge, and let it do all the work. This time it’s much more easy to achieve this galaxy effect since the sponge did the work rather than the nail polish brushes.


As shown in this picture, I’ve grabbed a plastic packaging and dotted some nail polish onto it and dip the sponge into it. I found this method better than just dipping the nail polish onto the sponge directly, just so the color wouldn’t be so intense when applying to the nail. It’s also much easier to control the application. (I’ve learnt it the hard way, cus I tried this before using the better method.)


I first painted my nails with Essie First Base base coat on all fingers, then Rimmel London #800 Black Out on all fingers except ring finger. For the galaxy effect, I first tapped some Rimmel London #198 Azure onto a diagonal part of the nail, and after it dried, I tapped a bit of Rimmel London #370 Silver Bullet to highlight the effect more. As you can see, I from the plastic packaging and the sponge, I did try to use some purple, but I didn’t really like the effect it gave, so I just painted a bit more blue and white to cover them up. After they’re dried, I tapped some Barry M #350 Diamond Glitter onto the blue and white part. Thinking about it now, I would’ve tapped a bit more glitter, just so there could be more stars.

The reason why I didn’t use Rimmel London’s Disco Ball, is because there is that teeny bit of difference in the two glitter polish. Disco Ball has glitter that reflects various colors, the color variation is higher than Barry M’s Diamond Glitter, and this kinda takes the focus point off of the galaxy effect and the colors behind the glitter.

For the ring finger, I’ve used the Barry M #319 Silver Foil. I’ve also used the Barry M Nail Art Pen Silver to draw and outline the pattern before painting it in with Silver Foil. This is because the nail art pen itself has a hard tip, making it very easy and controllable to draw. The nail art pen doesn’t release a lot of polish at once though, maybe because I haven’t squeezed it enough. However since I wanted a consistent color with my ring finger anyways, I’ve painted the pattern in with Silver Foil. Then to top all fingers off, I’ve used the Essie Good to Go top coat.

Nail Art Base and Top Coat on all fingers:
 Essie First Base base coat + Essie Good to Go top coat.
Galaxy Nails: Rimmel London #800 Black Out + Rimmel London #198 Azure + Rimmel London #730 Silver Bullet + Barry M #350 Diamond Glitter.
Silver Polish: Barry M Nail Art Pen Silver (for Chevron pattern) + Barry M #319 Silver Foil.

If you’ve noticed from all the nail art I’ve done, it’s the very first time I’ve used something else apart from the 2True base coat and top coat. That’s cus I’ve bought them for a birthday treat for myself, and I wanna do a review on them. Apart from that, I received the Seche Vite base and top coat from my aunt for my birthday!! So I’m thinking I’ll just do a review on that as well.

Until next time,

31 Weeks Nail Art Challenge – Week 1 RED

Oh my, when was the last time I’ve blogged? This year I wanna really push myself to doing more videos/blogging and stuff. Don’t wanna be that lazy you know. I also wanna redirect this blog to a bit more artistic things, I mean not only writing, but also doing nail polish reviews and stuff like that. I mean why not? I don’t have a lot at hand, but I think it’ll be fun y’know?

Some of you may know, I love making cards, but since I study abroad, I have nothing with me to craft here in the UK. In replacement, I paint my nails and do some other things as well. This challenge was supposed to be 31 days challenge, but due to time constraints and lack of supplies, this is now 31 weeks challenge, AND some challenges will be replaced.

Here’s the challenge list:
Day 1 – Red color
Day 2 – Orange color (Replace)
Day 3 – Yellow color
Day 4 – Green color
Day 5 – Blue color
Day 6 – Purple color
Day 7 – B&W colors
Day 8 – Metallic
Day 9 – Rainbow
Day 10 – Gradient
Day 11 – Polka dots
Day 12 – Stripes
Day 13 – Animal Print (Replace)
Day 14 – Flowers (Replace)
Day 15 – Delicate print
Day 16 – Tribal print
Day 17 – Glitter
Day 18 – Half moons
Day 19 – Galaxy
Day 20 – Water marble (Replace)
Day 21 – Inspired by a color
Day 22 – Inspired by a song
Day 23 – Inspired by a movie
Day 24 – Inspired by a book
Day 25 – Inspired by fashion
Day 26 – Inspired by a pattern
Day 27 – Inspired by an artwork
Day 28 – Inspired by a flag (Replace)
Day 29 – Inspired by the supernatural (Replace)
Day 30 – Inspired by a tutorial
Day 31 – Recreate any nail art

Replacements: (5 in total)
Pastel colors
Nail tape
Inspired by video games
Inspired by an item
Inspired by a technique

This week is RED color. I did half moons on my thumb and middle finger, leaving index and pinky just red color, and ring finger black with glitter polish.


Thumb + Middle: 2True base coat + NYC #268 Fashion Ave Fuchsia + Rimmel London #800 Black Out + 2True top coat.
Index + Pinky: 2True base coat + NYC #268 Fashion Ave Fuchsia + 2True top coat.
Ring: 2True base coat + Rimmel London #800 Black Out + Rimmel London #500 Disco Ball + 2True top coat.

What do you think of this post and nail art? Let me know in the comments! I’d love some feedback especially since this is new for me. 😀