Journal Entry – February 3, 2014 Dear my bear,

It’s been a year since we officially started going out. I actually kinda do miss those days where I’m so nervous to talk to you, and then that time when I’m so shy I didn’t even look at you when I met you. The innocent me I was back then. However, I am happy as we are now. We were way pass that fresh couple stage, and we’re completely comfortable with each other. I’ve told you secrets I’ve never told anyone, secrets and memories I wanted to forget myself. I’m comfortable to wear skirts around you when I don’t even like to wear them around my family.

It’s the stage that some people find it hard to be together anymore, because they expect so much of each other. I sincerely hope that that won’t be our case, and I hope we can fix whatever problems we have between us if there’s any in the future. I still have loads to learn, how to be me, and how to be a good best friend and girlfriend to you. You still have loads to improve, and learn more about life. And you know what? I love the idea of us both learning about life together, learning from each other, learning from our experiences. I’ve changed so much in the past year, and mostly because of you. So Thanks.

I really don’t know what life will throw at us this coming year, but I just hope we will be there for each other for the countless years to come. I enjoyed your company every night, even though we don’t really have anything to talk about sometimes. Our relationship may sound bizarre to some people, most of it being through the Internet and all, but it really teaches me something. To treasure the times we spend together. I cannot count the times I’ve hugged you when we were together, and I don’t wanna let go at all. It makes me treasure our memories more, pinning the train tickets and Eurogamer wristband to my wall.

The protection you’ve given me this past year is new to me but I feel much more secure than I was before. The insecurity that builds up in me after insults, my worries for friends of mine, or anger or fear for things that happened to me, you’ve been there for me, no matter physically or mentally. And I thank you for that.

Yes, a lot of people were shocked to find out that we met online through a mutual friend, but we’ve went through things together and we fought for each other. Yes, my family still don’t approve entirely of the relationship, but I really intend to change their view. I am not about to give up on anything, but I want to fight for us, because I love you.

You’re my star in the dark night. Thank you love. ❤

Lots of BANANAS,
-Aly :3

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