Journal Entry — June 28, 2013 (Another one of those times where I write on the plane.).

This time I’m actually writing on my tablet, so sick of typing on the virtual keyboard. I’l type it out later.

In this past 6 months, I’ve experienced ups and downs. Since the last time I’ve been on a plane, I’ve experienced a lot. What was mentioned in a previous post, was the start of a relationship I have never dreamt of having. Yet, after almost 5 months, I sit here, missing the last two weeks we had together.

Long distance relationships are never easy, but I have learnt a lot from it. I’ve learnt to treasure the times we had together, and even times I spend with my friends as well.

I’m going to work, yes, a summer job. It’s crazy, and quite sudden as well…but as a soon-to-be undergrad student, I do have a few reasons too. Money, experience…mostly money. Oh come on, at least I admit it. This however, also means I won’t be able to talk to a lot of the people I care about, and obviously, play any kind of video games at all. It’s gonna suck, I just hope it will turn out better than what I’m expecting it to be. I hope it will turn out nothing like I expect it to be.

Another thing I’ve also discovered, is how common some things are without us realizing…and by things I mean from self-harming, and depression, to sex-trafficking. (Learnt more about sex-trafficking on Here’s a few words of advice: Seek help if you think anything’s wrong, no matter for yourself, or for someone else. It doesn’t have to be some counselor or teacher, tell someone you trust, or your parents. If you’re an adult, pay more attention to your children: are there any abnormality? Also, teach your children never to bully others, and that words are very, very powerful. Actions may result in physical injuries, leaving scars, but negative words can leave scars as well. Even if they are told in a joking manner. Words are powerful. Negative words and phrases, such as “I/we hate you.”, “You are a slut/anorexic/fat/whore/c*nt.” are being said by teenagers every day. They can affect other teen victims, causing depression or self harming, or well, committing suicide. It happened, and it will happen again if nothing is done. Internet hatred/bullying is not only not acceptable either, but it could get even worse.

For people who are facing all these shit, I may not fully understand everything, but I believe you can hang in there, and things will eventually turn out much better. I believe you can stand up again. I believe in you.

It’s almost 2am, I better get some sleep. I’ll be thinking of you, I miss you. I love you all.

P.S.: Lulu’s login music is amazing! ❤

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