Journal Entry – January 5, 2013 (Wrote this on my 12-hr flight back to the UK.)

3 weeks passed by in a flash. 3 weeks ago, I dreaded going back to Hong Kong, I hated the first week back. I still didn’t feel anything special going back, but one thing changed in the last 2 weeks. One more special person who’s worth waking up to, one person who’s gonna be there for me when things go wrong, one person who’s gonna be happy for me whenever I’m happy. One person I now care so much too, one person who trusts me, and I trust him too. One person my heart flutters for. This is new for me, it is very strange yet so exciting to have something new in my life.

On the flight returning to the UK, it feels as if I’m going back home. It feels as if I’m nearer to my friends again, it feels as if things are going back to normal. I love life in the UK, even if it means I have so much more responsibility, and even more in the future. It feels like I have the freedom, I can be who I want to be. I no longer need to restrain myself for a society like Hong Kong’s. It’s so much different here in the UK, and I love it.


And again, I’m not editing anything I wrote on the plane. :3 So yeah, another post with too much personal feelings. XD It’s somehow quite different when I returned to the UK as well. Oh, also, if you are into gaming, why not go check a livestreaming group a bunch of friends of mine started? Go follow and Like us! Twitch: Twitter: Facebook: I’m gonna be streaming there regularly too. So see you there! ^^

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