Journal Entry – December 14, 2012 (Wrote this on my 12-hr flight back to Hong Kong.)

Trapped in the sky without anything better to do, I started to think about things. Sitting down wide awake while everyone else went to their dreamlands, I was here typing, expressing in abstract ways nobody will understand. Even with this beautiful music and my dark surroundings, I could not go to sleep without the comfort and happiness I got from the past few days and nights.

Sat here. Self-battling. Questioning. Thinking. Who am I? What am I? Do I deserve what I have? My thoughts, they weren’t negative, weren’t entirely positive either. Somehow, amidst all these thoughts, memories made me smile. These memories overcame my past, my bad memories, engulfing them in waves of happiness. I smiled. Several times I have to admit.


Decided not to continue writing once I got home, the feeling is not the same anymore. I still missed you guys and my life in the UK, but I am not trapped in the sky anymore. 😛 So yeah, this is a bit of a personal post, it’s not negative at all, I’m just going through different times in life, doesn’t mean I can’t be positive, right? ^^ Love you guys. ❤

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