Cover Loves — “Skyfall” Adele

Whooo! Haven’t written anything in a long time, and here I am, posting a new cover loves. :3 (I actually found 2 drafts of Cover Loves before this, but decided I’m gonna do them later.)

Well this time, we have Adele’s Skyfall for the new James Bond movie! The song’s absolutely lovely, and a few people also said it’s the best 007 song yet!

We also have quite surprising results this time too, TONS of AWHSOME covers, and a lot of people that I’ve never even heard of! MAJOR PROBLEM though, there’s wayyy too many awhsome covers, I couldn’t listen to them all. D: Obviously I can’t include every song I’ve found too, so there’s this “judging criteria” instead. This song to me, it has to be soothing, but also POWERFUL. This is a powerful song, so if the covers really soft they are probably not gonna make it onto the list.

I’m even adding an instrumental special section, cus why not? Right, here’s the original Adele’s version.


Bonus Instrumental Covers

Violin and Piano Cover by Taylor Davis and Lara


10. Cover by Noah

Noah’s cover is like, so good. Again, he inserted his own awhsomeness into the cover. He gave a very different feel to the song too. A definite plus 1 to his originality.

9. Cover by Nicki

She put her own creativity in the song as well, but I still liked her acoustic cover more than Noah’s. Oh, and plus 1 to using flute in her cover, sounds quite good actually. 😉

8. Cover by Rebecca Shearing

Same, plus 1 for using flute, but I love piano for the instrumental part of this song more than guitar to be honest. Her singing is quite nice too.

7. Cover by Sara Skinner

In this acoustic cover, Sara changed quite a few notes and added her own backup vocals, which sounded quite distant by the way, it made the music sound…a bit weird IN A GOOD WAY. I actually liked her voice a lot and the whole feeling is very different to the original Skyfall song, but I liked it a lot nonetheless.

6. Cover by Alice Olivia

Though her voice can be a bit more powerful, and some parts can be done as backup vocals instead, but her voice is beautiful nonetheless. The piano instrumental was quite powerful as well.

5. Cover by The Fergies

Their instrumentals were quite simple, but I absolutely loved it. Vocals were not as good as the top 5, but the background vocals and the song as a whole was epic. The feeling of their cover also matched the song very well, it was simple, yet haunting and quite powerful.

4. Cover by HelenaMaria & Ronnie Day

The vocals are so good in this cover, like seriously good. The drums and piano instrumentals were also well done. The main and background vocals matched so well, very beautiful. Maria (the girl on the right according to description) has an absolutely stunning voice as well. The cover was overall quite powerful too.

3. Cover by Nicola Bertoni (vocals), Anna Kobylski (cello), and Evan Duffy (piano)

The vocals and the instrumental, SO POWERFUL. Loved this a lot actually, one thing everyone will definitely note though, Nicola’s trying too hard. The piano and the cello was so friggin’ good, they matched the powerful song very well. I’d say the instrumental part of this cover is the best.

2. Cover by LIES OF LOVE

Dat. Saxophone. Dem. Accents. Dat music video. GAHHHHHHH. This is just, so awhsome. It’s somehow like watching a movie actually, so James Bond-ish too. The vocals might not be as beautiful as some previous ones, but it still worth being 2nd on this list.

1. Cover by Poppy

I gotta admit, the first 2 on this list doesn’t have the best vocals, but tons of other reasons just made these 2 top 2. The feeling this cover gave me is so haunting. I absolutely love the instrumental part of this cover, the drums were so awhsome and the beats are absolutely good. The music video was very beautifully made as well. Just loved this so much. ❤

Well that's another Cover Loves done, I seriously enjoyed writing this, these covers were surprisingly good! 😀

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