…then there’s this little thing called love. (Part 2)

A while ago, I wrote a post under the very same topic. Not that I changed views or anything, but I had been thinking quite a few times and I was like, why not write another post? Like to keep track of my thoughts and shizz, maybe this will even turn into a series, who knows?

So up till now, I still have no idea what all this feeling’s like, I still do not understand a thing about this. but somehow, after a few events, things did change, a bit. They made me even more cautious, even more scared, and obviously, this ain’t gonna be helping me understand anything.

Main reason of writing this post? I may or may not have a crush on someone. I am actually scared to admit, but most importantly, I don’t even know if I actually have a crush on him, or is it just me imagining it. There’s a few friends I really care about, and I do enjoy talking to and stuff, and he’s one of them. Does this mean I have a crush on him though? It doesn’t.

Here’s one thing I fear of the most about all these things: I would lose anyone as a really good friend. So even if I do have a crush on someone in the end, I’d be really scared I would lose them as a friend in the end just cus we argued while we’re dating. If you understand what I mean… :/

and what if everything worked out? What am I gonna say? What am I gonna tell some people? Family? Friends? My parents especially, oh hey, I met this really nice guy from the Internet and we’re dating now. That, I assure you, will need much persuading to do in order to work.

So now what? My friends. I love hanging out with my friends. Just talking to my friends cheer me up. Even though I’m having a bit of friend issues, some of my friends are there to listen and give me comfort. You have no idea how thankful I am for that.

P.S.: Whatever the case is, I seriously wanna meet those friends I really care about and give them a big hug of I WUV YOU. I love my friends.

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