Hope + Funeral

This was done in merely 20 minutes maybe. I went to a meeting for the creative writing society at school, and this was a writing exercise. The writing exercise was to choose one of these combinations and write about it: Hope + Funeral, Singing + Rebellion, Grief + Wedding, Joy + Snowing, and Uncertainty + Hiding. Mine was not really good, but hey, why not share it nonetheless. LOLL They also said they hadn’t expected this interpretation of Hope + Funeral, guess my mind is always messed up or summin’.

(Oh, and I also read out Tomorrow Will Be Kinder, they liked it, and gave some feedback as well. They said they hadn’t really expected the ending, and they liked that it had a happy ending. Thanks. 🙂 I am actually thinking about doing a video on reading the story, maybe people will like that…?)

There was also a really weird idea raised during the meeting, is that: God is a teenager playing Sims, and we’re all his Sims. :0

Well, here goes…

Everyone told me to move on. I did have preparations for this, but just how would I move on with whatever that is happening out there?

We had to kill her, we just had to. She was dying, a slow painful death. The problem is, if she was to come back again, she would turn into a zombie, or…one of them, and try to kill us all. I knew I had to do it, even if she was my girlfriend. The gunshot still echoed in my head.

The day was quiet and quite gloomy, and the funeral was simple, burying her in some mud and having speeches from a few people. It was kept short since we had to move on soon.

We heard a faint rumbling sound from afar. It alerted everyone and we instantly stopped what we were doing. Someone guessed there might be a storm coming, and that could be bad since we can no longer travel.

The noise got louder, and we heard clearly this time. They were noise from helicopters. Even if they are not heading this way, we know help is on the way, and this nightmare can finally end.

…and yeah, I’ve been watching quite a lot of Walking Dead gameplay. 😛

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