Journal Entry — August 31, 2012 (Recap of Summer & Livestreams & Leaving HK)

So…to a lot of you guys, it’s either just another normal Friday, but to some of you, it’s the last day of summer. Well, technically it is, you don’t go to school until Monday. For me, I..uh, finally graduated from high school, or secondary school as we call it here, just like the UK.

This summer was kinda extra long for me really, I finished my final public examinations in the end of May, so I’ve had my holidays since then. During this 3-month holiday, I guess I’ve achieved…quite a lot of things. I’ve started to post my Youtube commentary videos, I’ve finally returned to PC games, I got *a bit* addicted to playing Binding of Isaac, which led me to have killed Mom 7 times so far (loll), I’ve started livestreaming, and I’ve written a short love story that I was very proud of a few days ago. AAAND, I was able to survive the whole 3 months WITHOUT complaining that I’m bored once. That’s an achievement. 😀

Speaking of livestreaming, I would love to have a livestream schedule that I will *try* to follow. However, I can’t really have the schedule yet since I don’t know my schedule for my classes next year. but the 3 livestreams I did was pretty awesome! It was fun, and I’d love to do more in the future. Also, someone asked me before, “Why do you like livestreams so much?” I love both WATCHING livestreams, and STREAMING myself. I believe my answer to that is the direct LIVE interaction during streams, it’s just so good.

Where am I going then next year? Some of you may know that I’m leaving Hong Kong. Yes, I am leaving Hong Kong for UK. The Great Britain is great. (See what I did there?)

I am going to UK for university, which means…leaving Hong Kong after living here for like uh, forever. It is both exciting and scary for me, but I was assured by quite a lot of people really, that I’m going to be fine. I most definitely hope so. So yeah, I’ve applied for all dem Visas and stuffs, and got my accommodation confirmation…I even know which BED I’m sleeping in. loll

To tell the truth, one thing I’m really scared of, is being home sick. I’m not really worried about missing my friends. but then, I guess this whole studying in the UK thing will help me loads, in the way of growing up. Then another thing I’m really worried about, is familiarizing myself with the weather over there, and the food and water. It’s gonna be a huge lifestyle change too. but you know, maybe it’ll be worth it.

I’m not gonna say where I’m going to study, I don’t need stalkers. loll but yeah, I’m going to the UK.

So yeah, how was your summer? and looking forward to going back to school again?…maybe not. loll Hopefully, I’ll still be able to update my blogs, my Youtube, or even livestream! but for now, I can’t really guarantee anything. 😦 I really hope I can still do all these things that I’ve enjoyed.

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