My Recent Obsession — Nerd and the Noob Podcast

Nerd and the Noob is a podcast about all things nerdy. Topics include comics, films, anime, cartoons etc. Segments include Long Box, Comic of the Week, Noob Vs., Short Box, Noob Discusses, and some other random topics.

The podcast started 2 months ago, with a new show every week, and each episode is around an hour long. The hosts of the podcast, Greg (The Nerd) and Michael (The Noob) started making this podcast just because they wanted to, I love this a lot, because I believe that when you have a dream, chase it. In the podcast, they talk about all these topics that they think is interesting, and they share their views with us throughout the podcast.

Even though I have absolutely no knowledge in all these things, I actually found it quite interesting to listen to. Despite the fact that I don’t actually know what they’re talking about most of the time (which explains I don’t have much feedback for them, sowwy :<), I started to learn about all these things. So obviously, the target audience would be either that you like comics and stuff, or that you are interested in knowing about them more.

What I really like about this podcast, is that they LOVE feedback from you. You can tweet them, leave comments in their Youtube video podcasts, and even e-mail them. Best yet, they are now even livestreaming their podcasts so they can get LIVE feedback from you. Host-and-listeners' interaction is always awesome, I've learnt that from when I chatted with a radio host at a book signing event. She wanted feedback on her radio show, her book, and she wanted to know where is my favorite travelling spots. (She is the host of a travelling radio show.) As you can see, content creators ALWAYS like feedback from you.

The segment I like a lot has to be Noob Vs., well for one, that’s the easiest section to understand. Noob Vs. is basically the two hosts each choose a character from comics and films and all that sort of stuff, and we, the viewers, get to choose who’s our favorite. I do have a bit of ideas about the characters they chose, and a google search can totally help me choose which one I like more. (They had Katniss Everdeen from Hunger Games one week, uh INSTA-WIN. #HuuuugeHungerGamesFan :3)

To be honest, this is also the first ever podcast I have listened to. I do wish to listen to more different podcasts in the future, but in the meantime, this is the only podcast I have time to listen to.

Maybe you can check them out too? I felt like they’ve put a lot of work in each of the episode. Also, watch out their twitter for the links to Noob Vs.!!

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—Edited November 13, 2012—
They even started doing their podcast LIVE every week on Sunday!!! Follow for the livestreams here: I promise, it’s AWHSOME. ❤
—End of Edit—

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