Positivity and Me.

Some people will probably start wondering what’s with the overload of positivity-encouraging tweets (Tweets: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3) quite a while ago…or not, but maybe it would be nice to share a little…personal events. How and why did I grow up, and what’s with the overload of positivity…and maybe some words of positivity?

How Positivity Found Me

This whole thing began in around April 2010, I was facing the public examinations IGCSE at the time. I was so stressful at the time, and just started to become…much more darker. Darker as in I started to like dark surroundings, evil things, skeles and stuff. Every day and night I would only turn on just a bit more than enough light for me to study, never bright enough for my eyes to work normally. I liked that, I liked the darkness surrounding me.

I started to become very…easily unhappy at the slightest things, but I’ll never ever show it. I remembered crying to sleep a few nights even. If you think I’m exaggerating, I kid you not. This period of time can be considered my “darkest period” in my whole life. During this time, I started to like to think about hurting myself, not suiciding though. I won’t do it, I just like to think about it. I would even pick up my favorite scissors and start to play with it. I don’t know why.

However, this time was also the time when my life changed. A lot. Who made such a big impact? It was HOCC.

HOCC is a Hong Kong canto-rock singer, if you haven’t already know. She doesn’t like doing Hong Kong mainstream music, and she has her own music styles. She has her own charity helping cats and dogs, however, that’s not all the charity does. We can all join the volunteer group and even help out in all sorts of other things: distributing donated computers, setting up campaign booths, flag-selling etc. HOCC believes that since she can deliver messages through the Internet, she will deliver strong and positive messages. She had inspired me quite strongly on that, hence, the tweets I mentioned earlier.

She believed she can deliver positive energy to us by using the correct methods. And if she can, so can I.

Since then, I felt like my life changed a lot, my thoughts were not as narrow as before. My way of thinking changed greatly, accepting insults #likeabaus, responding to sensitive topics #likeabaus, and not being easily angry with people #likeabaus. I felt like I wanna help out with charities more actively, I paid attention to conservative problems even more. Even my taste of clothings, and my taste of music had changed.

HOCC was the first to inspire me, and still is the person who had inspired me the greatest in my whole life.

HOCC didn’t only inspired me during that, but throughout these 2 years of being a fan, she had lots of other messages in her works, and some of them are so deep and complicated to me still, that I know I will continue thinking about these messages throughout my life. (If you understand Chinese and wanna know some of these complicated messages, read my post on a musical she did, and is still doing. I spent 8 hours on it, you better read it. loll Click Here for the post.)

So what’s all these stuff about HOCC and what does it have to do with my positivity? I felt like after being inspired like that, I feel the need to start to be nicer to people, and I wanna be positive at all times.

Sharing My Positivity With You

And what happened afterwards? After all that HOCC had inspired me? I’ve done a lot of thinking then, re-thinking about my attitudes towards some issues and things. I’m not saying that I am now perfect and good at everything, because that is NOT something I wanna be. I believe that no one is perfect, and our flaws are a part of us. I would be a barbie doll or a robot if I’m perfect, and I don’t wanna be either of them. So you guys, don’t always frown and worry about your own flaws, take a look at yourself, really. Notice that you have something that you’re good at, notice that you’ve got so much love around you. I’m not saying you will be able to notice it right away, but give yourself some time and start looking. Start looking at the smallest details in life, I’m very sure you’ll find something spectacular that you’ve never seen before.

Since then, I’ve started to try to help people who are sad or negative. I want to use my own abilities to change others’ negative thoughts, to something that’s positive. I want to remind people to smile at all times, looking at the brighter side of things. I want to help people open up their eyes to the world, looking at sensitive issues and accepting them, like gender orientation. It’s not like I am perfect at all these things, but I felt like someone inspired me, and I would love to inspire someone else in return too.

Smile. To everyone you see. because you don’t know what’s going on in their lives. They might be having the greatest times of their lives, a frown won’t help. Or, they might be trying to overcome their hardest times, and a smile can help.

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