Had we ever been sisters?

We used to be a group, partners, sisters even. Now you’ve moved on. To bigger, better things.

You left us behind, since we’re not “as cool”. You left us behind, because you’ve got new friends.

After that, our group had not been a group at all, we never talked. We never even supported each other.

You just had your own way, we had ours.

Now I wonder, if we had ever been sisters, had we ever been partners, had we ever been in a group. Was that all just a lie?

A lie to build your way up?


That does not apply to me, I just felt poetic all of a sudden tonight. That was actually for someone else, not sure if she’ll see this, but I’m not even sure if she feels this way. loll

It’s been a while since I blogged and recorded a new video too, hopefully I’ll be able to do that asap, since I missed both activities. I’ve also been streaming too, which was kind of fun I guess.


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