Cover Loves — “Payphone” Maroon 5 ft. Wiz Khalifa

“Cover Loves” is a series dedicated to cover songs I find on Youtube. Maybe I had listened to one cover, or even several covers. You can also comment below to tell me which one you liked best, maybe it’s different from my choice? Or, you can even tell me one that I haven’t mentioned, but that you liked! Also, there is no hate in any of these posts, honest PERSONAL opinions only. Also, I judge heavier on music than on any other things, including the video and visuals.

Now to be honest, I’ve listened to a cover of this song before I actually listen to the original one. I loved this song like instantly after listening to the cover, but the official music video just…let me down a little. Not the music, I meant the video. I thought it was a little over the top, I’m fine with the action, I just…it’s hard to explain, whatever. loll Anyways, here’s the music video.


These covers don’t really have the problem that either the boys or girls had done better, it’s quite balanced, and I like lots of covers. Without further ado, let’s countdown the covers of this song!

10. Cover by Cimorelli

There’s sometimes a problem with having 6 people in a group, it could get quite messy. I love their voice, but the main vocals, the backup vocals and the guitar are all mixed up altogether. However, they ended the whole cover with a reference to “Call Me Maybe”, which I thought was actually quite a nice touch! Dani’s rap wasn’t bad either, they’re also one of the few covers who had the rap section.

9. Cover by Jayesslee

The key of their cover is undoubtedly quite high, it’s not exactly soothing, but it wasn’t bad either. The backup vocal was done quite good too.

8. Alex Goot ft. Eppic

Alex’s cover is one of the few people who had used the uncensored version of the song. (With the swear words, I mean.) His cover was quite comfortable to listen to, with the usual pop music instrumentals, and the rap section by Eppic as well.

7. Cover by Freak Morice

Freak Morice’s cover was far by the slowest one I’ve heard, it was also the most simple one I’ve heard. Not sure if that’s good or not, since I think it was a little bit too slow. However, I do like the piano-only instrumental, and the piano part was quite good, along with Joel’s backup vocals. The rap by Joel had stood out the most in this cover, since the cover is slow, the rap section was also slowed down along with the whole song.

6. Cover by Lacy Cavalier

I’m not really sure why a sad song could be sang in such a happy mood, but I like her cover nonetheless. They included not only guitars, but also a violin, which is quite a nice touch to the instrumental part of the song. aaand, I’m giving her a little thumbs up since it’s her first video.

5. Cover by Alex G ft. Jameson Bass

This cover was simple too, just like Freak Morice’s, but their cover had a better tempo. The guitar instrumental was comfortable to listen to, as well as the backup vocals.

4. Cover by Megan Nicole & Dave Days

Remember I said I listened to a cover of this song before the original? This was the first cover I listened to on this song. (#3 was the second cover I listened to, and I stopped there up until typing this blog post.) Both Megan Nicole and Dave Days’ voices are really good, and it matched too. However, the storyline in the video was the most outstanding. I got goosebumps at 2:55, watch the whole video and you’ll know what I mean. The rewinding part after 2:55 gave a really good touch to the whole video too.

3. Cover by Tiffany Alvord & Jervy Hou

Another cover with a rap section. I’m not sure why, but in this video, I found Tiffany’s voice matched the beach very much…? I really like Tiffany’s voice in this cover as well.


Alright, so everytime I listen to covers, there has to be covers that are exceptionally better than the others. Here are the Top 2 covers.

2. Cover Tyler Ward & Katy McAllister

You know it was really hard for me to decide between #1 and #2. I am a sucker for both rock and soothing music (#1 is very soothing), kinda weird I know. Both of these covers were really good, but this is in #2 because they didn’t put up the whole song, I couldn’t really enjoy the whole thing, and that #1 was like, REALLY good. Their music video was brilliantly done though.

1. Cover by Jamestown Story

This cover was simple as well, however, it’s the best among the other simple covers. Their voices really matched the song, and I REALLY liked this cover, if you can’t tell. Piano plus guitar = comfy. Piano plus guitar plus their voices = super comfy. So very loop-worthy.

Look at that, we’re done with yet another Cover Loves! Leave a comment about what you think? Or what other songs would you like me to do? See you next time! ❤

P.S.: This is also my 150th post!!! Thanks for your support all these time. ❤ This also took me almost 3 hours to research and type out, so share/comment maybe?

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