Cover Loves — “Somebody that I Used to Know” Gotye Ft. Kimbra

“Cover Loves” is a series dedicated to cover songs I find on Youtube. Maybe I had listened to one cover, or even several covers. You can also comment below to tell me which one you liked best, maybe it’s different from my choice? Or, you can even tell me one that I haven’t mentioned, but that you liked! Also, there is no hate in any of these posts, honest PERSONAL opinions only.

Now, “Somebody that I Used to Know” is kinda like the duo song of 2012 for me. I know almost all the lyrics to the song, unlike “Call Me Maybe” (Posted June 29, 2012). And probably because of the popularity of the song, I have found…..quite a number of awesome covers on this song, and I can’t wait to share it with you guys! Also, I’m not sure why, I thought girls did better on the covers for this song, it seems more comfortable I guess. Since I’ve chosen like almost 20 videos this time, I’ll only be featuring the top 5 videos, so there’s no video spam in this post. loll Before we start though, here’s the original song by Gotye featuring Kimbra.


17. Cover by Peter Hollens Ft. Evynne
16. Cover by Luke Conard, Landon Austin, and Missglamorazzi
15. Cover by Harriet Marice
14. Cover by Sam Tsui

13. Cover by Ell Hayche
12. Cover by Viktor Cepeda Ft. Audrey Scott
11. Cover by Tanya Phillips

10. Cover by Diorama

Good cover overall, I do like the simplicity of their cover.

9. Cover by ARMY of 3

Watching the clips of the instruments in the video, I was really fascinated by the way they did the drum parts, tapping it with only their fingers. Also, the music as a whole was very soothing, and yes, I loved the drum parts the most, and the singing and the rest of the instruments just blended in with it.

8. Cover by Christina Grimmie

I had always liked Christina’s slightly higher key in her music, like when she did “O Holy Night”, that was great. However, although she did well in this cover, I like other people’s covers more. This cover is still quite comfortable to listen to, since the music mainly consisted only guitar and piano, it was very simple.

7. Cover by Kirsty Lowless and Cedryck Ibraine

As I mentioned earlier, girls did better on this cover, so did Kirsty. Normally, I like Cedryck’s voice too, and I ABSOLUTELY LOVED their cover of “Princess of China”. (I liked it better than the original version.) However, as I said, girls had done better on this cover, maybe it’s because of girls’ voices, it’s more comfortable than boys…? The piano music was absolutely gorgeous too, very soothing.

6. Cover by Ivy & Gold

After so many acoustic / soothing covers, there are quite a few covers coming up that…aren’t as soothing, but had done better. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the soothing ones a lot too. It’s just that in terms of cover, these are better. Now on this cover, the video clips were simple, and kind of grey-ish too. It matched the mood of their cover perfectly. Also, while watching this the other day, I saw this, as one of the top comments.

Minecraft Reference = PERFECT WIN.


The next batch are like REALLY GOOD, and both girls and boys did great as well. It was really hard for me to choose who’s going first. Alright, this is -dramatic pause- the TOP 5.

5. Cover by Freak Morice

Freak Morice’s cover was great, with Khalia’s voice, it did the soothing part of the song. Plus the background vocals, it’s like almost PERFECT.

4. Cover by Walk of the Earth

Wote’s cover was far by the most special in terms of the use of instrument. They literally just did the whole song off ONE ACOUSTIC GUITAR, and it kinda looked funny, but amazing at the same time?

3. Cover by Ricky Ficarelli Ft. DMF & Kait Weston

ROCK COVER. Hell yes please. I think they’re cover is also the only cover that was sung in a happy mood, which was actually also quite good.

2. Cover by Tiffany Alvord Ft. Chester See

Their cover is quite different from the others. Kinda rock too, but they had also changed the beat of the music, and I really liked it. The mood is not entirely sad, but not happy either. While listening to it, you’ll have the urge to rock out to the beat.

1. Orchestral Cover by Travis Ratledge & Jenny Lane

Notice how this is orchestral cover, and remember how I’ve keep mentioning about the soothing music? Got them linked together? This is definetely THE BEST cover. The vocals admittedly wasn’t the most soothing of all these covers, but the orchestral part just WON over any other videos.


That’s it for today, hopefully you’ve enjoyed these covers! Even if I haven’t already remembered all the lyrics to this song before I did this post, I will have by now. That was a hell lot of covers. loll

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