Cover Loves — “Call Me Maybe” Carly Rae Jepson

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged, and I’ve been meaning to do this. So basically “Cover Loves” will kinda be like a series to covers I find on Youtube. Maybe I’ve listened to one cover, or several covers. You can also comment down below to tell me which one you liked best, maybe it’s different from my choice? Or, you can even tell me one that I haven’t mentioned, but you liked too! Also, there is no hate in any of these posts, honest opinions only. 🙂

Now, I’m not a big fan of “Call Me Maybe”, but let’s admit it, it’s like teh song of da year 2012. Even if you don’t know the lyrics to the whole song, you’d at least know the chorus of the song. Aaaaand, if you haven’t heard it, here ya go.


Alright! There’s 6 videos counting down to my first choice, with number 6 coming up first!


Cover by Savannah Outen

Quite a good acoustic cover actually, she did put some of her own essence into the cover, however, I think she changed too many notes, there are a few that are comfortable to listen to, but some just stood out too much.


Cover by Megan Nicole

Megan Nicole’s just being herself, with the usual setup, usual vocals and backup vocals. The cover is quite good, expected, however, some other people had done better than her. Still liked it though.


Cover by Dave Days, Alex Goot, and Chad Sugg

If Megan Nicole’s video lacked the essence of a music video, their video did the job. However, I do still have to give one comment about the music. I thought their voices was good, but I think Dave’s voice and Alex’s & Chad’s didn’t really match that well? It was fine towards the end of the video, but when Dave first came in, it didn’t quite match. Maybe it’s only me…


Cover by Tiffany Alvord

Another acoustic cover. I kinda like Megan Nicole’s voice more, but Tiffany did a better cover on this song. This acoustic cover is also more lively than Savannah’s acoustic one, it’s like a light and happy atmosphere. It’s the acoustic part that won. Nice!


Cover by Freak Morice

Normally, I’d like Freak Morice’s covers better, but the video next up on number 1 did a better on job this one. I liked it, but their backup vocals were not as good as number 1. (Not revealing number 1 until you’re done with number 2. loll)


Cover by Cimorelli

Cimorelli’s cover was really good, better than some of their other covers. Their backup vocals were nicely done, the whole song was really comfortable to listen to. However, I’m not really digging their video, the dancing part was nice, but the wacky outfits…I get what they’re trying to do, but it’s a little bit too wacky.


So that’s done with my first Cover Loves, what do you think? Comment down below! I’d love to see which one you loved best, or any other covers that I haven’t mentioned and feel that I should check it out?

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