Microsoft Conference at E3

I suppose a lot of people will be tweeting or blogging or whatnot about E3. I am here to put the Microsoft conference that had just ended into a nutshell. (Plus my own thoughts about it.)

Now, I am a Hong Kong girl, and very nooby at gaming. (but I still love video games.) So take it from that angle, yeah? These following items will also go from those that I liked best, to the worst ones.

LARACROFTOMG. Yes, I freaked out when I saw the Lara Croft thingalingalingy. I’m sure a lot of you gamers out there are just DYING for it eh? Now don’t get so excited yet, because the new Tomb Raider ain’t out for another…9 months? I think? It is coming out on March 5, 2013. 2013 FOR CRYING OUT LOUD. Dangit. :<

Tomb Raider was the only thing I liked, but here's some stuff that I thought was okay. Dance Central. I'm not sure if you guys would agree, but Dance Central was wayy better than Just Dance. Dance Central's fine as always, but I totally went What the Hell? When Usher came out of nowhere, and started dancing. The screen for the (supposedly) synced gaming screen came on quite late too, and when it came on, of course, it's not synced, and they'd even tried to hide it with the smoke. Now that's just very obvious.

Another thing that was okay was the Xbox SmartGlass. Though accused of the rip-off, I guess it's still erm… okay? I mean that Game of Thrones example was quite fine I think.

On to something that I'm not particularly interested about, but is still fine with me. Splinter Cell came on the very first in the Microsoft conference. (I still prefer MGS over Splinter Cell.) There something about Nickelodeon and Machinima which was quite big. Then there's gonna be Xbox music. And South Park stuff, that I don't really care about. (I never watched South Park. Probably gonna be flamed at. Oops.)

Then Wreckateer, well, it's like a 3-D + Kinect Angry Birds game. It was fine I guess, but I am not into Angry Birds at all. And I guess most of the viewers of the conference doesn't even care about ze game, most of them are probably gonna be drooling over "dat hot gurl".

Something I seriously don't care about at all: FIFA 2013. Oh yeah, and all other sports games. Kinect + Sports, Kinect + Nike, all that crap. It's just pointless. One, FIFA comes out every year. I'd rather go out and learn football (or soccer) than to stay at home and kick the air. Two, if one wanna be a professional athlete, they won't train at home, would they? Facing a TV screen, trying to get the Kinect working to detect them… #allpointlessforme (I swear, one day, you'll be swimming at home.)

And what I thought was ze worst: Audio controlling. "Xbox, Home." "Xbox, Menu." "Xbox, Start" One, it sounds like you're talking to your dog. Two, it's gonna make everyone even more lazy, you won't need to move around searching for the controller, you'll just need to move your mouth. Oh that energy! (… oh yeah, then you'll need all that sports games cus you won't even get out of your house. "Xbox, FIFA.")


Want to watch the upcoming conferences? EA’s conference will be up next at 1PM (Pacific Time / GMT-7), Ubisoft’s conference will be at 3PM (Pacific Time / GMT-7), and Sony’s conference will be at 6PM (Pacific Time / GMT-7). Also, Nintendo’s conference will be on June 5 9AM (Pacific / GMT-7). I will be missing EA and Ubisoft due to time zone problems, but hopefully I’ll get up to see Sony’s conference. Enjoy your days at E3, or your streams of E3!

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