Help me vote for Louna on KotW!

-Updated (May 21, 2012)-

You might have already know, Louna had stopped campaigning, but is now instead campaigning for Collabrakadabra, so I am campaigning for them too. 🙂

Collabrakadabra’s Youtube Channel:
Collabrakadabra’s KotW page:
My KotW page:

-End of Update-


Hey everyone, it’s Starrifyx, and he-… wait, this isn’t my video…

So I got another new video up guysshh. :3 (Actually a few since my last blog post, but I didn’t bother to post anything on those videos because there wasn’t anything to talk about.)


Before I get on to anything about the KotW, the first issue is about Minecraft. If you haven’t already know, I REALLY REALLY REALLY want to play Minecraft, but there’s a few issues concerning my laptop, and Minecraft. It makes my laptop heat up wayyyy too much which causes overheating, and adding on to that, I don’t even have money to buy a decent recorder to record Minecraft gameplay. :c I am very sad about this really, but I have no choice. -cries- I actually wanted to make Minecraft the main videos on my channel, but that isn’t happening very soon. :c


Okay, on to about King of the Web. Now, since I don’t have much subscribers yet, there’s no point really in campaigning in KotW, but, I really do hope you can help vote for the person I am campaigning for, Louna Maroun (a.k.a. LoopyLady11 on Youtube).

“Waitwaitwait… What the hell is King of the Web?” You might ask. It’s a site where you can vote for your favorite Youtubers, so they can get prize money to enhance their Youtube video qualities, or to donate them to a good cause, or anything they want to do with the money.

“Then who’s Louna?” You might ask again. Louna’s a Youtuber/Beauty Guru/Red-Haired Rocker Girl Who Makes Funny Videos. She was also the 2nd person who inspired me to become a Youtuber. That is why I really want her to win this thing, donate the money to BNE water charity, and go to vidcon this year. She taught me “Dream it, do it.” This is her dream, to go to vidcon, and she is doing it. 🙂

Go check out Louna’s channel right here:

And Louna, being the 3rd time taking part in KotW, she’s decided to donate THE WHOLE SUM of money to BNE water if she won. BNE water is now having a project in Uganda, and the money will help HUNDREDS if not thousands of kids and people in Uganda. Louna has a great personality, she’s kind and funny, she’s close to her fans, she’s very real, as in like not a diva at all. In fact, she’s just like one of us, she doesn’t act superior or anything, and that’s always what I like about popular people.

Now, I hope I have persuaded you to vote for her, it’d be nice if you do, thanks. ❤ Below is the link to my KotW page, just so you know I have one too. LOLL

Instructions on How to Vote:
1. Register or Log in through Facebook (Please choose carefully, you will be able to log in through Facebook AFTER you have registered, but not the other way around. You are also NOT allowed to have more than one accounts.)
2. Click here: to go to my KotW page.
3. Vote for Louna Collabrakadabra 10 times a day! Yep, it's a daily vote thing. You will get extra votes after 5 days too, or even more after a longer period of time, so just use up all your votes there. LOLL

P.S.: I might campaign for KotW in the future too, cus it does look fun. 😀 (And I do need some cash to buy some equipment for my computer, hopefully all leftovers will be donated to a charity I like. More details when I actually enter. LOLL)
P.P.S.: If Louna herself is reading this, I just wanna say thanks for inspiring me to become a Youtuber myself, I will be a Louny forever. 😀 And if any Lounies are reading this, HIGHFIVE FOR BEING A LOUNY!!! ❤

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