Gotta explain the computer situation.

‘kay, so I just uploaded a new video, with me playing Karoshi. Check it out!

So as you can see in the blog title, I have to explain my computer situation. I have a Lenovo laptop computer, and Lenovo has decided to change the separate microphone and headphone jacks into a combo jack…while not even selling a compatible headphone with this combo jack…thingy. This made me really frustrated. What am I supposed to use? Do you seriously expect me to buy an earphone with microphone, which is intended only for mobile phones? I still couldn’t find a splitter, so by now, I assume that I will never find one. I gotta buy a headphone with a combo jack in it, and it is very costly. Thank you Lenovo. Thank you VERY much.

(and if you didn’t see the sarcasm up there, there’s a HUGE load of sarcasm in the last two sentences of the last paragraph.)

Another thing is about the overheating problem in my computer. Every time I start converting my videos after I record them, it heats up sooooo much, it might even turn off by itself at some point. I only have 2 solutions so far, since I’m not sure whether to buy the extra fans for my laptop, or actually buy a better desktop computer, since I could use another computer. Solution 1: Move the computer around my desk when it gets too heated. My desk is made out of plastic, so it could pass the heat quite quickly. Solution 2: Point a household fan directly to the fan of my computer.

There’s just so much to do… Hmph.

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