My Wasps-filled Apocalypse Dream

So basically it was me being alone on the streets and my school. One scene it was filled of couples, and of course I was alone… Another scene was that I was at school missing my parents, and I was about to escape school. There was a lot of wasps both on the streets and the school, but there was a huge swarm of them at school. Before the dream ended, I was lying on the floor in my school stung by the swarm of wasps.

Gosh this sounds like a movie, a real apocalypse movie.

Of course, being the curious me, even though I don’t really believe this kind of stuff, I went online and search for the dream analysis stuff.

I searched the main key words from the dream and got something like this:
Wasps: Evil, anger and negative feelings. Under-estimated or hidden danger, fear (maybe attack/persecution).
Swarm of Insects: Feeling overloaded by many small things.
Stung by Insects: Some hatred is directed toward you. Also refers to envy. Being attacked or acted on in a negative way in real life—physically, mentally, or emotionally. Being overburdened by external circumstances. Betrayal. Intrusion, or someone crossing your personal boundaries or taking advantage of you.
Apocalypse: May indicate the end of one kind of lifestyle and the beginning of another. Emotional and dramatic change taken place within yourself. Overwhelm, loss of control, destruction.

(Sites Used: Dream Moods & The Curious Dreamer)

I can totally see where my dream went. I did finish my examinations 2 days ago. It marks the end of High School and into University. I did also feel stressed about handling something else. Hm… Nope, I’ve proposed a temporary digital communication ban for this weekend, just to relieve my stress. I am not thinking about anything stressful. Not after all these years, especially this past year.

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