Upcoming Posts (& Stuff)

So I’m back!! -cheers- Gonna update with a short post. I still have loads of different things to do, but the difference between now and the past, is that I can do more relaxing stuff, though, of course, there’s still all those crappy stressful stuff to deal with…but let’s not talk about that yet.

Here’s just a little list of what I’m going to do for this few weeks.
1. I want to start being a Youtuber. (I’ll update with you on that one again)
2. I want to start writing a series thingy, based on what I feel, and the society, and whatever else. It’ll be like “The Confessions of an 18-year-old” or something like that.
3. Of course, moooarrrr flash fiction.
4. Might make a tutorial on how to dye your hair, because I’m going to do that.
5. Write more reviews!! Books, music, and hopefully website too!
6. I am thinking of blogging regularly, hopefully I’ll have time to put that into action.
7. I might be blogging about my exercising routines.

I do also have so many drafts waiting. So I guess I’ll have to see you soon then!! Bye. 😀

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