On pursuing my dream to become a Youtuber.

This morning, I had recorded about 10 videos of different lengths, with me trying to get the microphone work. It turned out to be just one checkbox away from almost-perfect. The one thing not perfect is my microphone itself. I used a built-in microphone. Hopefully I’ll be able to buy a splitter soon.

Here’s the outcome:

I’m also sad that I couldn’t record any PS3/XBOX games just yet. It might take some time before I can. 😦

However, even though the outcome is not perfect, I’ve decided not to be a perfectionist. Since I don’t actually want my videos to be perfect with like perfect live commentaries. One, it’d take ages to actually make a perfect commentary; two, I’d have to write something like a script and that won’t be natural at all; and three, that’s who I am. And I’m proud of being myself.

My future plans is to try to upload regularly. Hopefully. 😛

Gonna go to play some stuff right now! Whoop!! 😀

P.S.: I wanted to play Limbo a looong time ago, when my father first played it. but I’m sad to say that since I’ve got it on XBOX, I won’t buy it on PC just to record my gameplay. 😦
P.P.S.: What I also didn’t know, is that I actually have COD:MWII!!!! Which means, I CAN PLAY CO-OP!!! YAYYY

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