Review — The Hunger Games Adventures BETA Game

Disclaimer: I’m only a trial BETA user, the owners of The Hunger Games Adventures (now in BETA) did NOT pay me for doing this. Review is only my (SCATTEREDSTARSS) opinion, with a whole-hearted description of what I think about the game only.

I know, I know, it’s my examinations tomorrow, but I can’t really hold it back, so I might just as well get it over with. (Gave myself an hour to try out the game, and finish this blog post. No prob at all.) So I woke up at around 6.54am this morning, and saw I had a lot of e-mail notifications, so I checked, and found out that there was an e-mail with this subject: Sneak Peek at The Hunger Games Adventures‏. Of course I clicked on it. And instantly woke up. Wide awake. I got the BETA game code, though I still haven’t read the e-mail. Decided to do it “live”.


One major important sentence is that I should not post any screenshots or contents of the game, since I am a sneak peek player. Sounds legit. I love surprises myself, so I’m going to do that exactly.

So you may have known, The Hunger Games Adventure is actually a strategy game, much like other popular Facebook games, like Restaurant City, Sims Social or Cityville. The graphics and music are both EPIC. I’m not going to say where the story started, but I really admire how they actually inserted kind of like a storyline in the game.

It is kind of weird though, how even talking to another character costs one energy. I’m also stuck with only one weapon, I’m a video gamer, so I actually would like to get hold of a sword. (I know there aren’t swords in Hunger Games, maybe… a knife? That’s okay too….but I’m bad at cooking. :P)

I like some of the minor features, like how I can click future actions too, so I don’t have to click always. (Lazy much?) Sadly, up until now, the world map still haven’t been opened yet, so it is a little inconvenient to travel around.

Overall, I like how the game progresses. The graphics and music are EPIC too. <3
—End of Review—

Do you want to try out the game while in BETA version too? Head to the game page and sign up for a code! Sadly, I don’t think I can invite anyone for the game. 😦 But if you really want to try out the game, how about leaving a comment and I’ll see what I can do? 🙂

“Fire burns brighter in the darkness.” -Suzanne Collins

That’s it for the review of the game, thanks for reading. 😀

P.S.: I still have not watched the movie yet, it’s because of the examinations. I’m really sad about that :(, but I must concentrate in my examinations first. I WILL WATCH IT RIGHT AFTER THE EXAMINATIONS.
P.P.S.: The review for another BETA website, Pinterest, will come in a month, since I’m going to start my examinations. (I think I do have invitations for Pinterest. Leave a comment if you want to join Pinterest, and tell me why would you like to try out Pinterest.)

4 thoughts on “Review — The Hunger Games Adventures BETA Game

    • To tell the truth, I’ve stopped playing shortly after. I did not find any glitches, yet I still have to admit that I don’t like those kind of games. I think they’re a waste of time. Also, graphics are NOT as epic after giving some thoughts. :<

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