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Disclaimer: I’m only a trial BETA user, Soliton/ did NOT pay me for doing this. Review is only my (SCATTEREDSTARSS) opinion, with a whole-hearted description of what I think about the desktop application only. (I still have not tried out the mobile app on my android mobile.)


This site,, had created a little wave in Hong Kong. Upon hearing about it somewhere, I decided to sign up to become a tester. I became a BETA tester recently, and… though I like how the site is doing, there are still a lot of work to put on it.

This thing, is basically like an application, like iTunes, but you can listen to songs on the internet (and through your smartphones too). I think it’s aim is to encourage users to listen to songs legally, instead of illegally downloading them… or something.

What I like about it:

  • There are quite a few singers that are not popular in Hong Kong at all, that I had actually searched their songs successfully, like Ariana Grande with her first and only single so far “Put Your Hearts Up”, or Cimorelli with their album “CimFam EP”.
  • It includes some older albums of Hong Kong singers too.
  • It has some good features, like creating playlists, searching for songs, and saving them as favourites etc.
  • I got nice results from searching some artists, like Miley Cyrus, Britney Spears, and Kelly Clarkson.
  • The layout of the desktop app is quite good.
  • One quite good usage besides just listening to songs, is to create party mixes, since you can skip listening to those advertisements in Youtube.

What I don’t like about it, but improvements could be made:

  • Though I can search rare singers (like Ariana), I cannot search some popular singers, nor their very recent hit songs. For example, Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep”, Gotye’s “Somebody that I used to know”, Gym Class Heroes (ft. Adam Levin)’s “Stereo Hearts”, Jason Mraz’s “I Won’t Give Up”, and Lana Del Rey’s “Born to Die” etc.etc.etc.
  • Though there are quite a variety of singers, some singers only have a profile without any songs, like Selena Gomez (& The Scene), Bella Thorne, and Zendaya.
  • Sometimes, though I can search an album, it does not include each and every song, like EKEE’s album “Night Ghost” only had 4 out of 5 songs in it. (And one of the tracks had some audio problems too.)
  • Still a little buggy. Case 1: I couldn’t play a downloaded song, so I deleted it, but the button remained “Downloaded”, so I couldn’t download it again. Case 2: I’ve been trying to import my playlist for hours, it’s still not done, and I can’t cancel it.
  • Minor features. Case 1: The search results is displayed without the most related first. Case 2: I must drag every track on an album to add the songs to a playlist. Case 3: I can’t re-organize the order of the tracks in a playlist.
  • I still don’t really know some features of the application, like what the hell are those colored boxes?
  • I had only guessed their aim, I have no idea what the real aim is.

Suggestions and Conclusion:
So obviously, they definitely have to add more songs to the whole thing. The lack of more popular songs is quite the problem here. And it’d be even better if there are some rare songs too, since I’m a big fan of sidetracks, and non-mainstream music.

I do support this, I like what they do. Although it’s a little buggy, I’m sure they will sort things out, and make improvements to this. Hey, this is what Alpha and Beta tests are for, right? I think it was quite good that they had included not only Hong Kong music, but also foreign music too. However, I think that it can do more, maybe in the future, that this can actually facilitate the discovery of music. I have no idea how to do that though, I heavily rely on Youtube for the discovery of music.

P.S.: I would love to type an updated version of the review upon request or when there is major improvements to the application.
P.P.S.: Add me there if you want to, my username’s AlyssaK.
P.P.P.S.: I still have a review on coming up, but I don’t have time to finish it. 😦

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