Journal Entry — February 20, 2012

So it’s going to be my last post for the while, until May this year! Having mock exam and study leave extra late, and I have no idea why our school thinks that’s more appropriate. Someone give them some senses please!

So today, I found out I won a lucky draw. It was a vote thingy, like I voted for my favorite activities organized by that organization. I knew that once I voted, I’ll be automatically entered for a lucky draw to win tickets to this event also organized by that organization. That time I was like, “OMG, the event’s right before my exams…. Nahh, I won’t be so lucky to actually win it.” Then I checked my Facebook Inbox today, and got a message that I won. Yayy… but fear not, I have thought of a…way to use the tickets with a very good purpose. LOLL

And I just realized, there goes #8 off my bucket list. Winning in any kind of lucky draw.

I’d recently joined deviantArt and was quite happy with it. I opened a group for HOCC’s fans, and so far, there are only two member, and one of them is me. :l IF YOU ARE HOCC’S FAN AND IS A MEMBER ON DEVIANTART, PLEASE JOIN!!

I’d also thought of a nice way to finally cross out #3 on my bucket list, to do vlogs, and it has something to do with my deviantArt account.

There are just so many things to do when my public examination ends, but right now, all I could think of is: Oh how I wish the examination would just end already, but I don’t have enough time for revision. Oh gosh. Ha. Emotional conflicts. That’s how I get so frustrated.

P.S.: Stress is getting to all of us, I hereby wish everyone a good luck.
P.P.S.: SEE YOU GUYS IN MAY!! I really miss this…

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