I am an 8-year-old kid.

It was my birthday….. and it wasn’t so good at the beginning. and since no one ever read this blog, I’ll just type everything I want to express.

The first few people who greeted me (except my family) was random people whom I’m not THAT close to, but still close friends. My best friends may have all forgotten then, but they did greet me throughout the day, but I’m not blaming them. (and one of my closest friend may have totally forgotten about it, since I’ve heard nothing from her.) The public examinations are drivin’ all of us insane. Yes, I am selfish to think like that, which is why I don’t think I should be 18.

I had four mental breakdowns today, and before you judge me, I’m gonna tell you in my defense, that I normally don’t have mental breakdowns. Three of them I was crying to myself. And the last one, was with my family. I’m not gonna dig deep into that, but here’s a thought: When you think no one’s here for you, you’re wrong, your family will always be here.

So I watched a movie at 10.30pm tonight, that’s like really late, and it lasted for 1 hr 45 mins. That’s loooong. The movie was great. Before getting into the movie theatre, I saw a poster of “The Hunger Games”!! I was so giddy I actually jumped up and down and squealed. So mature.

Got myself three little birthday gifts.
1. Evanescence’s newest self-titled album.
2. Advanced to level 40 in Runescape.
3. Newest issue of Teen Vogue. (WITH THE HUNGER GAMES FEATURE OMG.)

List of Hunger Games Franchise I MUST BUY: (Not in particular order; list for note-to-self purposes.)
1. Unofficial Companion
2. Unofficial Cookbook
3. Mockingjay Pin
4. District Keychain
5. (If possible) ALL colors from the Capitol Colors (by China Glaze)
6. Collector’s Edition of the trilogy
7. Movie Poster
8. Everything else that I see. *v*

4 thoughts on “I am an 8-year-old kid.

  1. So you are Aquarius too? My birthday also just passed a few days ago ; p
    我平時都鍾意去MCL 不過呢部戲好似5會喺大陸上映
    覺得妳已經算幸運同埋幸福噶了 好好珍惜 好好享受妳依家噶生活啦 : )

    • Yes I am an aquarius, and belated Happy Birthday to you!! 😀
      and yes you are right, I am very lucky. I am learning to count my blessings, and hope to enjoy my life now. It’s just that sometimes I couldn’t control my feelings and this happens.. XP but I’ll learn to live positively and try avoiding them. 😀

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