The ScatteredStarss Music Awards 2011

(Blog typed from November 26, 2011 to January 18, 2012.)

It is kind of sad that even this post have to be pre-typed, but I assure you, they include all the music I want to hear in 2011. Sorry about the late post, since there were new CDs in December, I could not do this right away.

I won’t do any translations, because I’m lazy to translate; and I won’t type any Chinese this year, because I’m lazy. Yeah, so without further ado…


The ScatteredStarss Music Awards 2011


Category Awards

Best Album of the Year: “Unbroken” – Demi Lovato
Best Album Art of the Year: “GREEN” – HOCC
Best EP/Single of the Year: “Night Ghost” – EKEE
Best Movie Soundtrack of the Year: “Sucker Punch (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)” – Various Artists

Best Melody: Drift – Emily Osment (Single)
Best Lyrics: Skyscraper – Demi Lovato “Unbroken”
Best Feeling from Song: 水漫金山 – 岳薇 “No.1”
Best Meaning behind Song: 末日 – 王菀之 “The Songbird Anthology”

Best Newcomer of the Year: EKEE
Most Deserved to be Supported: Rebecca Black
Singer of the Year: Demi Lovato

Best Covers/Remixes of the Year: (Alphabetical order)
Army of Me – Björk “Sucker Punch (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)” (Remix)
Asleep – Emily Browning “Sucker Punch (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)” (Cover of The Smiths)
I’ll Make A Zombie Slayer Out of You – Kimmi Smiles (Cover of Mulan on Youtube)
The Lazy Song – Megan Nicole (Cover of Bruno Mars on Youtube)
Love You Like A Love Song – Alyson Stoner (Cover of Selena Gomez on Youtube)
Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) – Emily Browning “Sucker Punch (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)” (Cover of Eurythmics)

Best Music Video of the Year: (I apologize for not being able to pick one between these two.)
Advice – Christina Grimmie “Find Me”

What You Want – Evanescence “Evanescence”


Top 10 Music of 2011

10th Place
冷血夜 – EKEE “Night Ghost”
Buy “Night Ghost” in Hong Kong HMV stores!

9th Place
Selfish – Britney Spears “Femme Fatale”
Buy “Selfish” on iTunes!

8th Place
Alligator Sky – Owl City “All Things Bright and Beautiful” (Without Shawn Chrystopher)
Buy “Alligator Sky (iTunes Bonus Track Version)” on iTunes!

7th Place
Almost Home – Alyson Stoner “Beat the System”
Buy “Almost Home (Bonus Track)” on iTunes!

6th Place
Not Fragile – Christina Grimmie “Find Me”
Buy “Not Fragile” on iTunes!

5th Place
Middle of Nowhere – Selena Gomez “When the Sun Goes Down”
Buy “Middle of Nowhere” on iTunes!

4th Place
青空 – 何韻詩 “GREEN”

3rd Place
For the Love of A Daughter – Demi Lovato “Unbroken”
Buy “For the Love of A Daughter” on iTunes!

2nd Place
End of the Dream – Evanescence “Evanescence”
Buy “End of the Dream” on iTunes!

1st Place
Drift – Emily Osment (Single)
Buy “Drift” on iTunes!


Anticipated Albums of 2012: (for the most updated version, click here.)
“So In Love” – Emily Osment
“Supergirl” – Kerli

There are just TOO MUCH music to listen to. I hope 2012 will be another great year for music!

See yuh guys in May! Love ya~

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