Visit to the hospital…again?

Today I hit my head on the floor. Seriously. Nobody to blame, we were all just going crazy. There’s a small bump on my head right now and it’s still painful. It’s nothing really, just one major problem though, I have no idea how should I wear my hair tomorrow.

I’m gonna tell you what happened… MANIPULATED style. Like 99.99999% manipulated, the one thing that is the same, is that I hit my head… excluding even the spot where I hit my head. A little writing I thought of after what my head went through today.


I was walking down the aisle, when I was whirled around, and somehow lost my balance. I didn’t know what had happened during the fall, but the next thing I know, I was sitting on the floor, clutching my head.

I tried recalling what happened when I fall. I remember hearing a loud bang, I think I hit the lockers. And my books were scattered all around me. I tried looking up, a furious teacher was standing over me. She pulled me up, ignoring my cries of pain. The rush of pain in my head was killing me.

I ended up in the hospital, being scolded all the way from school to the hospital. They said I was fighting. They lectured me with the “violence won’t solve everything” speech. They scolded me and said they could not believe I would fight. They said I had tried hitting this girl at school. “This girl” is the boss of the cliques. “This girl” is The Goddess. I remembered her flawless little face somewhere inbetween my fall.

That bitch. That lying bitch.

I hate the hospital.


P.S.: The reason I put “…again?” in the topic of this flash fiction is because, yes, I’ve been to the hospital once before, and well, I hate the hospital.

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