Learning to be open-minded.

I gave a few thoughts to what I just posted, and these are what I used to calm myself down.


  1. Everyone is unique, right? So even if everyone else is wearing what I like, I still have a lot of other likes and interests different from them.
  2. My most favorite brand is not in HK. That’s a relief. Just don’t. EVER. come to HK. PLEASE.
  3. There are a lot of other things to like, and I’ll still look forward to the day I get to go to US.
  4. …………I can’t think of anything else. but I guess that’s enough to hold me for just a bit.

When it opens, I’ll be too busy to be there. Just hold on till your #1 fan comes around, kay? (Note to self: I must go to US right after this.)

(Copyright © 2011 SCATTEREDSTARSS)

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