Being the not-open-minded person… I hate looking at my favorite things go popular.

Try imagining: There’s a new song released today. You love it a lot. A week later, it became the most popular song among…just about EVERYONE.

Your response: …Well, I don’t know what your response is.

My response: ~!@#&^^%$#@!#$%^%$#@!#$%$#@!$#%$%$#!@$%$$!#@

It was the same when Ke$ha’s “Tik Tok” went popular…

I know it may be selfish to not let one thing go popular, it’s such a good thing, but here’s one reason I’m not afraid to admit, I’d like to be unique please.

So Forever 21 is coming to HK. Yes, it’s my favorite brand. No, though I like the brand I’ve never ever bought a single piece of clothing. Why? because I’m waiting until the day I’m finally able to go to the US. Do you get what I’m feeling right now? That’s another reason I don’t want it to come to HK.

I really don’t mind that it won’t be coming to HK in the coming… well never, I just really don’t want to………..

Here’s one weird response:
Your favorite brand’s coming to a place very near you!

I should learn to be more open-minded.

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