“Awakening” at “Siberia”

(Autopost) Blog typed on November 26, 2011.

I’ve been intending to do full reviews for these two CDs, but apparently, I am REALLY busy, since like the start of October. Oh how I wish May would just come.

The following reviews are according to release dates.

Note: I’m also going to choose my favourite SIDETRACKS, which means those that are not famous, do not have a music video, and you have probably NOT heard of it before. You can go to Youtube to search for their music videos and enjoy the non-sidetracks yourself.



Release Date: October 4, 2011
Record Label: Lights Music

Album art: Mainly grayscaled, with photos of LIGHTS. I thought it’s better than her last CD “The Listening”, since I like the colours used. Gray and red, both my favourite colours. So simple. So LIGHTS. LIKE! Simplicity FTW.

Music: It’s better than her previous album, “The Listening”. (Click here for the album review on “The Listening”.) I didn’t like the songs in “The Listening” that much. Those in “Siberia” are much better.

Favourite sidetrack(s): “Cactus in the Valley”, “Suspension”, “And Counting…”

Favourite track(s): “Siberia”, “Cactus in the Valley”, “Suspension”, “And Counting…”

Other comments: (Typed this when I wanted to do the full review, I ended up doing only one track. :/)
#1 Siberia
Yeah, this is so LIGHTS. I kinda like this song, if you had read some of my earlier posts, you’d know I like songs that have a… weird-er melody. (Think Emily Osment’s “Marisol”) Though some parts it’s just like one-word-one-note for the whole sentence, I like the melody of this song. Siberia is a place famous for long cold winters, I’d really love to go there.
Also, if you know Cantonese/Mandirin, and you’ve read my previous post on HOCC(何韻詩)’s songs, you’d know I really liked a song from her first Mandirin album (from 2010), 無名.詩. Its name included Siberia too! (”西伯利亞開滿臘梅花” -何韻詩)
By the way, I’ve always thought it’s prounounced as “Si-ber-ria”, instead of “Si-beer-ria”. :/

Word of support: BIG IMPROVEMENT to her last album. It isn’t boring anymore. (I kind of found “The Listening” boring.)

Recommend?: If you are hesitating which album you should buy, I recommend “Siberia” to “The Listening”. It’s wayyyyyy better.


– 何韻詩(HOCC)

Release Date: October 10, 2011
Record Label: East Asia Music (Holdings) Ltd

Album art: Cantopop albums are ALWAYS better than those of foreign albums. Design-wise. (US, England, Canadian, Estonian…) It’s because Hong Kong listeners have high expectations, and it is like a trend. I seldom see normal packages. This album art is just… spectacular, design-wise. (It was done by a design company) Scroll up and see that CD? The 2 people (it’s the same person) could be seperated, like one of them was printed on a sheet of plastic, so it’s transparent.

Music: As usual. I LOVE THEM. (I’m a fan.)

Favourite sidetrack(s): <花花>,<內外>

Favourite track(s): <花花>,<內外>

Other comments: I still haven’t get bored with her 3 CDs that were released after I started liking her, which includes <無名.詩>,”Green”, and this one, “Awakening”.

Word of support: (Edited on December 14, 2011) Her musical was awesome, though after watching it once, I didn’t understand a lot of it, but it does have a deep meaning in it. For the whole 2012, she’s going to have an Asia tour for her musical, please go support HOCC’s “Awakening”!

Recommend?: If you are a fan, then buy it. If you’ve watched the musical, then buy it. (Since it’s the soundtrack of the musical.) If you haven’t watched the musical, and think that you should have, then buy it. If you are none of the above, I recommend other albums, since it is the soundtrack of her musical. (And if you know mandarin, I recommend <無名.詩>.)

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