let it snow.

‘Tis the season to be snowing

The only time I officially saw and played with snow is when I went on a trip to Japan few years ago. It was so beautiful. (We even got interviewed by a Japanese news reporter when we went to an ice festival. Supposedly we went on TV, but we didn’t see ourselves on the TV since we don’t even know which channel was it. LOL)

Well, as you can see, IT’S SNOWING ON MY BLOG. Since I haven’t turn off the settings for the snow on WordPress, it’s automatically activated. It’s like seeing the festive feeling, but not actually feeling it…


At first I wasn’t aware. I hated myself for it. I just came out of the deadly building, I can’t blame myself, can I?

I was walking on the winding path in the little park in front of the building. Leaving. I don’t know where I’m heading to. It was as if the whole incident sucked the soul out of me. I’m alive, but soulless. He’s dead, but I know his soul is alive.

I was looking down on the pavement when I went all the way to the exit of the park, when I noticed the white stuff falling from the sky. It was still early-December, quite early for snow to fall. I looked around me, sure enough, light and bright snow danced their way down on me. I reached out my hand, trying to save their little lives, and not fall onto the pavement, where passers-by will step on them.

They stood on my hand weakly. It was no use. They were lifeless. I didn’t save them, they were still dead on my hands. I quickly wiped away the melting snow.

He was just standing on the couch, I thought he was playing. The next time I saw him, he was already half out of the window. He looked at me as if he was apologizing. If I wasn’t standing there dumbfounded…


P.S.: PostAWeek2011 will finish in a few weeks!! I can’t believe I actually did it. (With the occasional autoposts. I couldn’t do it without the autoposts you know.) If there’s a PostAWeek in 2012, I won’t be able to join it, but will in May, or as soon as I finished this biggest obstacle in my high school life. The one I’ve prepared for for the past six years. The Ultimate Examination.

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