151 days till the end.

I’ve had enough of the reality. It isn’t the end of the world but I’m feeling like it is. I’ve got to stop whatever I’m doing right now, and just never, ever, have a life. I’d rather be depressed right now, and mourn whatever made me depressed, feeling my heart ache for the tiniest thing, than to be in the state right now.

I woke with a start.

To my horror, I found myself free falling.

I have no idea where I was nor where I was heading to. Darkness was all I saw. Alice’s rabbit chase came to my mind, will there be doors when I land? It turned out I didn’t have to ask the question.

Alice must’ve been hurt after her fall. I didn’t have to worry about that.

Because I never reached the bottom.

2 thoughts on “151 days till the end.

  1. add oil!!! there will always be a way to go on at last, so don’t worry too much now. just do as much as you can and think about the rest. 😀

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