The New Fragrance.

(Autopost) Blog typed on Novermber 18, 2011.

It’s Thursday night, and well, it’s gonna be the end of the week very soon. How about a little writing?


The New Fragrance

I was walking from work back home when I saw a new window display at the cosmetic store. There was this bottle that stood in the middle, with lights shining on it. The bottle resembled a flower, it was the most beautiful bottle I’ve ever seen. Behind it on the wall, there was a poster with a photo of the flower, and on it, it said “Addictive.” I was mesmerized by the shape of the bottle, but I never use perfume…

It won’t hurt to try once right?

I hesitated, but entered the shop anyway. I was engulfed by an aroma immediately. It smelled so good, and addictive. I knew instantly that it was the perfume in the window display. I rummaged through my bag but couldn’t find the wallet, so I left disappointed.

The air was fresh outside, and I instantly felt better than being inside the shop. I turned around, and looked at the window display, I didn’t want the perfume anymore. I was shocked that I wanted it so much a few seconds ago. It was as if it altered my thinking or something.

A couple came out of the shop, the lady was already wearing the perfume. The lady walked gracefully away, leaving a waft of the aroma behind her. Oh gosh, I just have to have it!… I realized I still don’t have my wallet, so I walked the opposite way, continuing my walk home.

The smell clogged inside me finally cleared, and I had cleared thoughts again. I realized that I absolutely don’t need the perfume, but why did I wanted to have it earlier? It actually felt…addictive.

For the whole week, the amount of times I smelled the aroma of the perfume increased rapidly. The smell had also got stronger.

I set out to work again a week later. The minute I stepped onto the streets, the smell was so strong I had a headache instantly. My eyes ached and I had to pinch my nose. I even saw spots behind my eyelids. I continued my walk to work, nearly passing out several times. I gave up and bought a mask, but it didn’t help much. When I got on the subway, I wasn’t aware of something weird happening. I figured it when I looked up from the floor. Everyone was staring at me like I’m some freak. I instantly looked onto the window of the subway, desperately checking for something on my face and on my teeth. I didn’t find anything. Throughout the whole day, I was both surrounded by the smell of the perfume, and getting dirty looks from other people.

A month later, everyone was wearing the perfume. Everyone except me. I got looks wherever I went, but I got used to it.

It was then, I realized, that I had became immune to the perfume.

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