Website Recommendation — November 17, 2011

(Autopost) Blog typed on November 12, 2011

I would first like to distinguish the difference between “Website Recommendations” and my “The Amazing Button”.

The concept of the Amazing Button is to share random websites, that are not necessarily homepages, meaning there are subpages or posts which I found interesting. While website recommendations ONLY consists of Homepages.


So recently, I’ve been addicted to both reading and writing short stories.. Well not really writing them, mine are mostly flash fiction or super short stories, or just writings.

This blogger, Alan James Keogh, I must say I’m so happy to read his short stories. He posts short stories 3 times a week, and it satisfies my reading times since I don’t have time to read novels anymore. His writing genre is diversed, but they’re mostly horror.

I think he is a really good writer, and it’s a huge commitment to write regularly and within time limits, so I’d say he’s really (like REALLY) good. Please do NOT hesitate to visit his blog, you won’t be disappointed.

3 of the many things I like:
1. His writings, and his writing skills.
2. His introduction. It’s funny.
3. Alan has dyslexia. (I don’t “like” that, continue reading please.) I was speechless, I was so… happy to see someone had overcame their obstacles and became such a great writer. Which made me think that he deserves more than this.

MUST. READ. (Clickity-click!)

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