On Video Games (Journal Entry — November 11, 2011)

So… I was thinking why don’t Runescape have some assigned helpers in the game, then I suddenly remembered there is! It’s Player Moderator, and… I don’t think I’ve ever seen one, or maybe I did. They’re the ones with silver crowns beside their name in the chats.. Maybe I did.

So then I started searching for how to become a Player Moderator, since I really wanna become one. Then I found out that you can’t just register for it, they’re gonna contact you for that. I guess I’d have to wait for another few years for anything to happen. Or not.

LOL It’s my first time to talk about my passion for video games here. If you had visited my “About Me” page, you’d know that I’m into Runescape, Lara Croft and Metal Gear Solid. (So little for a geek. LOL) So in this week’s journal entry, I’m gonna talk about my passion for video games. Yay.

My passion for Runescape and Metal Gear started at around the same time, maybe Metal Gear was a tiny tad bit longer. It started like maybe 5 or 6 years ago, and it held strong throughout these years. The feeling of accomplishing quests and increasing in levels is soooo great (in Runescape), and watching others sneaking around and not getting the !!s are so fun. (Yes, up till now, I had only watched people play Metal Gear.) I’m ashamed to say that even though I’m so passionate in Metal Gear, I haven’t tried my hands on it yet. (I will, in the future!)

For Lara Croft, the passion only started.. last year maybe, around last year. I had tried my hands on the multiplayer version, and it was FUN. The rest of it I watched others play too, and I had already promised myself I’d finish at least one Lara Croft game ON MY OWN. (Maybe with the help of Youtube and those who’d like to watch me play.)


On World of Warcraft
I actually have a question, I know World of Warcraft is like really fun, but being compared to Runescape, which one’s better? In terms of quests, levels, characters & clothes, money-making speed, graphics, features, control..blahblahblah… I wanna try my hands on WoW too, but I don’t wanna open an account on something if I won’t like it.

To tell the truth I’ve been wanting to play WoW for several years now, I’m just not so sure if I will like it or not, so I’m leaving that out until next year. Actually I don’t think it won’t be too bad, since it’s so popular. (And Sheldon, Leonard, Raj and Howard…and even Penny.. played it.) By the way, the way they played WoW in the show, must we like put on the headphone and scream into the mic? LOLL


P.S.: I suddenly have an idea for my writings. I could like write imaginative scenes from video games.

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