What does that button do?

So you may have noticed, I just updated my blog layout, and added a button!

Try your hands on that button, and prepare to be amazed.

It is the Amazing Button!!!

An introduction to the button:
What does it do? It takes you to a website recommended by yours truly.
What kind of website does it take me to? Any kind. It’s random, and mostly are what I found interesting.
Why did you create this button? So I could share what I find interesting. DUH!

The button photo will do a while, until May 2012 or when I get tired of it. I’ll try to update weekly starting from May 2012. I really, really, REALLY (like REALLY) hope so.

I’ll also try to avoid having Youtube videos as the recommended website, since I can do that through posting visual/music recommendations. Though I can’t guaruntee that, since maybe there’d be something really out-of-the-ordinary, or I’m simply speechless.

I’ve opened up a page where you could see the archive for the websites of the Amazing Button.

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