The Acts of Consideration

I’d like to talk about my viewpoint of events that had happened yesterday. (Or earlier, since it’s only past midnight.)

but first, I must apologize to a few people: First, my friend, who had been tolerating my post-movie-watching mood, which, in this case, was very British-like type-ccent. Second, my other friend, and “friends” (as in, I know them, but we’re not exactly friends), who I am now going to talk about.
For friend: I have to admit that I did not want to say it in your face, I am such a coward not to do that, but if you read this, I do sincerely apologize for it, and hope you’ll understand. I have to say also, that though it wasn’t that serious, it was still inappropriate.
For “friends”: The thing is, I’m not trying to imply anything, or complain anything, I just plainly want to express my frustration on your actions.

Yesterday afternoon, I watched a movie with a friend (she’s in my closest circle). I have to say, watching movie with this friend was.. kind of unexpected. It wasn’t that bad I have to say, but it certainly wasn’t very good. She made sounds throughout the movie, and at one point, she answered and talked on the phone. At first I didn’t mind, but as the movie went on and getting intense, I started making signals for her to not make anymore sounds. Though I have to say, she actually used a really low volume to talk on the phone, I could still hear her murmur.

It was worse yesterday night. We had an event at school, and we had to go back for the event to be sit-ins. (Like extras, they should pay us. LOL) Those people behind me, though it wasn’t surprising, was SO ****ING ANNOYING. They made comments on almost everyone’s clothing and shoes, and they complained about everything that was on, the costumes, their accents, their voice et cetera, et cetera. They were so loud that I really couldn’t stand it, there were guests all over the place, but their volumes never EVER die down. It was as if they owned the place. I seriously want to hit them. ._. (Please forgive me for saying that.) They were also certainly not respectful. It took every energy of me not to turn around and tell them to shut up.

The acts of considerate don’t just apply to these situations, and they certainly don’t just stop there.


I’m going to blog about fun and exciting things that had happened this morning later on, since it’s like already past 2AM.

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