the darkest secrets, lurking behind every crack of the heart.

Oh this is going to be a really personal post. I know some part of it may sound cheesy and may be too over-the-top for you, but well, you might not understand. So if you don’t, you can just ignore it. I don’t really care. It’s a post about the releationship between secrets and I anyways.

I’m sure everyone have secrets, and I do too. Though I have to admit that I practically don’t have secrets on the outside. In other words, I don’t have secrets. To tell anyone at the very least.

My only secrets are those that are too dark to be exposed, the light will kill the secrets, thus killing me. It’d totally make me depressed, and let me tell you, I HATE that feeling.

Having these dark secrets, it’s like it belongs to a part of me, which makes me who I am, and what I am now. I know exposing these secrets would lead me to consequences I never want, and since I see that I am still functioning fine, I will never intend to tell anyone.


I’d stand on my pathway, squirming as unknown creatures crawled their ways up the wall. Their squeaky sounds even louder when stepping on the dark and shiny slick. I tried not to look and focused up ahead. There was light at the end of the tunnel. I had been walking for such a long time my feet were sore, but it seemed like I would never reach the light. I continued up along the tunnel as I tried to block out the sounds that made me queasy.

The tunnel turned out to be never-ending – I never got to the end of the tunnel. Will I ever get out of this place? I didn’t know.

I started to get use to the squeaky sounds and the creatures all around me, and these problems were behind my back before I knew it. The tunnel wasn’t so bad afterall. I sat down occasionally, and started to enjoy my time in the tunnel. The tunnel didn’t hurt my eyes, only the light at the end of the tunnel did, so at one point, I sat with my back facing the end of the tunnel. It was actually quite peaceful in there, without all the noise and the buzz in the city. I felt clean: no gossips, no backstabbers, no lies.

I came up to a path right in the middle of the tunnel, branching out on my left to a very faraway world. The pathway was dimly illuminated with candles. I looked at both of the pathways and picked out the path that had seemed more comfortable for me.

I went on to my left.


Journal Entry — October 22, 2011

I can’t seem to finish the Siberia review. UGHH!!! So fed up with myself.

and I’m thinking of writing a short story for a competition, I just can’t find any inspirations yet. Gotta work quick. :/

I’ve been making another banner for my blog’s 100th post and 1 year old celebration!!

So goodbye the old one. (Whoa!! I had been using this for such a long time, it was before my blog name change!!)

And say hello, to the new one!!

Thanks again guys!!

One thought on “the darkest secrets, lurking behind every crack of the heart.

  1. dont get fed up!!~ i would tell u to love yourself and all those cliche stuff, but you got to learn them yourself. good luck!!~ 😉

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