Fun to be 1 year old.

Just 6 days ago, I’ve reached my 100th post. Today, I’ve broke the record of the longest blog post I’ve ever had. (For the English viewers, I apologize, but the previous post was typed in Chinese because it was meant for Chinese viewers. It was on a musical I saw that was in Mandarin and Cantonese. I had spent 8 hours on it and almost 5000 characters was written.) And now, I’m writing my 104th post.


I was updating my “About Me” page when I saw that one year ago, I had started my blog.

October 16, 2010, I was still an amateur to the blogging industry, despite I had been blogging since around 2005.

October 16, 2011, I am still an amateur to the blogging industry.

I never get much views on my blog I have to say, never getting much comments, I’d really have to thank my friends for the comments, and some of you for the ratings and views.

but I don’t really care. Some bloggers may want a lot of followers, but I don’t believe in that. I believe that blogging is about self-expressing, I don’t care if no one wants to read my junk, I just want to express what I believe in and my feelings towards life.


Looking at others’ beautiful and well-written blogs, I would question myself, is my blog too dull? My writing too bad and not well-written? I do have a lack of skills when it comes to writing, and decorating websites. I may have been writing HTMLs, but I’ve never really taken any lessons and I don’t even have time to learn them myself.

I realized I always blame the shortage of time when I didn’t blog, I guess it was kind of depressing to say it that way. I mean this society (or mine, to be exact), is really competitive. People don’t stop by to read anything, it isn’t a culture here to read. How serious, you ask?

I’m always the only one who read on vehicles, I would be mesmerized by a book in just anywhere, in the bus, in the subway, while queuing, waiting for my orders, when I’m not busy, when I’m busy, and well, (please don’t do the same) walking on the streets. (Of course not when I’m crossing the road or walking on the road, who walks on the road anyways?) I will not say that absolutely no other person in this city reads books, because that’s not true. I’m just saying it’s not a culture to be reading always in daily life. There may be a lot of people in the libraries and bookstores, but seldom really bring a book with them wherever they go. I think this is quite… sad.

Oooh, I guess I’m a nerd. Love being the nerd.

So what do people do in the streets? They play on their phones. Well, iPhones to be exact. iPhones became so popular almost everyone has one. (I don’t, and I’m really proud of it. Okay well I do, I have an iPod Touch G2, it was from a lucky draw and it’s still not really broken yet.)

Back to the topic. The competitiveness had drived all of us overload. If you are not “successful”, you have no say in what you do. Though the meaning of “success” is really diversed to everyone, but it is still true. Students like us are supposed to work hard on our studies. Interests are not encouraged, and will seldom be persued. Academics and credits are forced, get good grades and good piano examination results, and you get a bigger chance of entering universities. It’s always that routine, which of course, makes the society even more competitive. Everyone has a degree, and soon employers don’t want one, but SEVERAL degrees. This is so horrible. Children are seldom encouraged to follow their dreams, because “you will not make a good amount of earnings when you grow up”, or “you won’t get a good job”. Those were always the excuses, kids then would have to give up on their dreams.

Why would I know? I guess I just do. Academics were always the first priority. (It wasn’t health, that’s the second.) To be honest, I don’t find university THAT great. I don’t DREAM to go to the university, but of course, if I could get into something I’m interested in, that’s different. Why is the education like this? People are being forced to do something which will garuntee good amount of money in the future, it isn’t something they like or enjoy doing.

I’d rather earn less money but enjoy what I do, rather than to earn so much money, but hate what I do. It’s always about money. Why be competitive? So that you could earn money. Why can’t people stop and look around? If you stop, you can’t keep going, money won’t just fall from the sky. Why isn’t reading a culture in Hong Kong? WHO HAS THE TIME TO READ?!


I’m done, and well, let’s just face the reality. Even I have to return to this competitive society. And very soon in fact, that I’m going to enter a phase where it gets even more competitive. This is a reality I hate but I guess I can do nothing to change.

Well, Happy Birthday SCATTEREDSTARSS!!

May this year be a year full of beautiful words and writings!

Oh, I’m so happy to be 1 year old. Thanks guys!

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