Before you start reading this, let me say a few words: I didn’t know how to end this story. Please leave a message below if you have any comments on it. And I would love to know if you realize something after you read this, so there’s a question at the bottom, please answer it if you can. Thanks! (It would totally help improve my writing skills.) See you at the bottom!



She likes being at places that are crowded, places that are buzzing with noises around. She likes looking at how people busily walk through streets. She would stand anywhere, the bus stop, subway exits, building entrances, and she would look out on the streets tentatively.

She knew these places were noisy, but it didn’t bother her, because she knew she had the power to silent all of these noises. With a raise of her index finger, the noise would reduce to a low murmur, and then total silence. Everyone around her would continue to move their mouths; drivers would continue to honk their cars in the traffic; hawkers on the streets would continue to yell for attention; kids would continue to laugh and scream; adults would continue their conversations on their phones… but everything is silent.

She smiled at the silence, she liked the silence that engulfed her.

She then imagined music filling the air, notes hanging high up, but the sounds would elegantly dance their ways into her ears. She imagined the music would have come from a cafe or a street performer nearby. She imagined how the music would sound, she imagined how music would sound. She knew it’s beautiful.

Oh how would she love to have the power to silent everything around her. She loved playing this game since she was little, and it didn’t bother her a bit that she was thought to be insane.


Thanks for reading! You’ve finally reached the bottom. 😛

So here’s the question: Did you know that the girl was deaf?

Yeah, I wanted to portray her as a deaf girl towards the end of the writing, but I really couldn’t grasp on how to end this. Your comments are deeply appreciated! Thanks.

Oh yeah, I’ve told you this didn’t end well, but thanks for reading!

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