Journal Entry — October 14, 2011

I know it’s today’s journal entry, but this is entirely about yesterday. (October 13, 2011) (It was originally an entry for the 14th, but I finished it at 12.01AM of October 15… So nice.)

I was scolded in the morning. Obviously something that is absolutely not worth being scolded for… but anyways, I figured something, and finally realized a deeper (but not complete) meaning of the quote. I had mentioned this quote earlier in my blog…. Er…. Found it! This is the one.

(Photo taken from Tumblr, copyrights to whoever did this.)

I must learn to be nice to everyone, not venting my emotions to someone else, because I could actually hurt them without realizing it. I really have a lot to learn.

Very short paragraph on yesterday night:
Yesterday night was AWESOME. Met up with my fellow friends and went straight for HKAPA. Got there with our McDonalds dinner and sat for a while to eat. I got a ham and egg burger only, cus I’m sick. That’s one thing that I hated about yesterday night. I actually coughed through the first part, I tried my best to hold on to my coughs though. After intermission I felt better, thanks to the advice from my friend. She said it’s just that a little itch could irritate me, causing me to cough, and told me to drink warm water and eat minty candy. (Of course I had brought sugarless ones.) Gone to queue up mid-dinner, and up the stairs we went for the souveniers. (YES, I BOUGHT SOUVENIERS. YAY. :D) The whole night went by like some flash. and I got hyper, though not overflowing the meter-of-hyper-ness…(other reasons)

THE MUSICAL WAS AWESOME. Photos on Facebook. (Sorry, you’d have to be my friend to see them.)
Well no worries, my “review” on the musical will come up later. in CHINESE. I know, my Chinese is bad, but the major viewers would be Chinese, so I gotta do it in Chinese. :/

I know this journal is quite… er… (I couldn’t find the right word, so insert your word here.) but you see, I have THREE posts to type after this, so er.. Hope you’ll understand! 😛

Oh yeah, and I PROMISE, these three posts might take a long time, but they’ll be of HIGH STANDARD. (:

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