Celebrating my 100th post.

WHOOP! It’s my 100th post!!

So, you might have noticed, that I’ve recently changed my icon. It’s not really official yet, but it’ll do for a while. At least until May 2012, when I come back. (:

Here’s the icon, I did it from scratch.

Here’s some preview of what I’m going to do this year or very soon:

  1. I may be changing my blog layout.
  2. There’s going to be a button. A very special button. (I’m going to talk about it in a blog post when there’s this button.)
  3. The layout may be chosen according to this button. (So that it matches the page. Yeah.)
  4. More surprises coming through! If I figured out a way to present it.
  5. More blog posts!: I’ll be back and much free-er in May 2012.
  6. Post on the musical I’m going to see this week.
  7. Works page/blog: I want to find a place to host all of my works. Kinda like a portfolio.
  8. More stuff you wanna see: tutorials? stories? works? sharings?
  9. I’m also trying to lessen the use of emoticons in everything. 😛
  10. I hope to post more writings, or maybe I could at last open a works blog and post there. Whatever. The point is, though my English skills are really bad, I like writing.
  11. I’d also try to finish the task of posting every week until the end of 2011, since I’m a part of PostAWeek2011.
  12. Bought a new CD on October 10, 2011! Gonna write a review on it. (Already listening to it.)
  13. I might not continue my Starstruck section, since when I finally learn about the entertainment news, they’ll be old. LOL So I’m deleting it from my Featured Posts section.


The very touching part of this blog post:

This is totally like a milestone (or a… meter-stone) for me!! I’ll try my best to post more entries in the future, and I hope to give you guys more of whatever I’m typing on this blog, and maybe even more. I know this year is going to be hard for me, so I PROMISE, that when May comes, I’ll work hard on typing more blog post. Something that interests everyone, and is nice enough to read. I’ll also return to my Tumblr by then, so I’ll be full on updating. YAY! Can’t wait. SEE YOU IN MAY 2012.


Love you all and have a good day. (:

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