It was pointing that way… so I went that way.

It directed me to turn right… so I turned right.

There weren’t any arrows… so I went on my road.

It told me to turn left… so I turned left without hesitating.

Then I… I realized, I wanted something. Breakthrough.

I came up to the next arrow that was pointing to the left. I took out an axe and a spray can. I chopped off the arrow and looked to the right, it was a cliff. I kneeled and sprayed in mid-air, the spray caught and hardened.

I drew and drew. Another road for me to walk.

At one point, I stumbled and the drawing was ruined. I stared at it, tears threatening to appear.

I looked across to the road I was supposed to take, and saw a half-visible figure that resembled me walking on that road. She was laughing, but something was wrong. Her smile was not genuine. And then I noticed, the arrows were not only pushing her foward, they were stabbing her, they were hurting her.

I looked down at my drawing again, only to find that the drawing had transformed itself. The mistake I made on my drawing was still there, but only they were extended, into another beautiful drawing.

I stood up and flexed my arms, kneeled down again and sprayed.

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