Journal Entry — September 30, 2011

We hadn’t had typhoon number 8 for AGES. I know I’m mean to say this, but I’m lucky, because it came at a right time. I know, once again, I should not be here. I have this whole huge pile of homework waiting for me again. And besides, I’m sick. I’m having a fever actually, but I really have too much to do rather than to sleep. (Sucks being a student nowadays you say? I’m not sure.) I’ll go start my homework after all these typing, kay? Yes I’ll do it. Seriously.

Here’s something really nice.

ImprovEverywhere is a group founded by Charlie Todd in 2001. Visit their website here!

I had added “Taking part in their events” into my bucket list.

And here’s one of their amazing events!

I thought it was funny and nice, so check it out!

Say Something Nice – organized by the ImprovEverything

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