Music Recommendation — September 27, 2011

I know I’m totally NOT supposed to be here, but I just cannot help it. All the biology revisions are making me go insane. Totally doomed for all the tests coming up.

Here’s a song I recently liked.

It has a great meaning. It’s like what I said before (if you had been reading my posts, which I don’t think so… LOL), when everyone’s telling you you can’t do it, turn around and tell them “Watch Me”. This song was said to be for her ‘friends’ from when she was younger. I thought Jessie did a great job in this song, I loved it!

btw, I also loved the music video, the kid is so Jessie with the short hair.

Jessie J – Who’s Laughing Now

When I was listening to “Who’s Laughing Now”, I thought of another song in Cantonese, and I found out why I love these songs:

Both of the songs are for haters, and both of them used a light music tone, it’s like “Whatever. I seriously don’t care.” It’s a great attitude.

方皓玟 – To Haters

Enjoy! (:

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