two books and an update.

I’ve just finished two books, and they’re both the last book in two different series.

And I didn’t like them. Some parts of the books, at least.


If you had not read Top of the Fued Chain from the Alphas series by Lisi Harrison, or There’s No Place Like Home from the Secrets of My Hollywood Life series by Jen Calonita, then DON’T CONTINUE TO READ.


Q: What did you not like about Top of the Fued Chain by Lisi Harrison?

A: I didn’t like how weird it went, it didn’t have a lot of things to do with the Alphas Academy. And seriously? A reality TV show? It could work out, the whole plot, but I still think it got slightly carried away.

Q: How about There’s No Place Like Home by Jen Calonita?

A: That was actually kind of worse. I never skip books, but I skipped a whole chunk of it. I liked how it all ended, but the middle was VERY VERY VERYYYYY carried away, so somehow, it was worse than Lisi’s Top of the Fued Chain. (And maybe much worse.) There was a whole one-third of the book where Jen went on and on with Kaitlin in the parallel universe, like it was even real. I went like What the Hell?! I flipped through the pages and found out that Kaitlin had woke up from the car crash at last, and I started reading again, and skipped whatever happened in the parallel universe. (That was one-third of the book!!!) Seriously, I didn’t care about the parallel universe, but one-third of the book was WAYYYYY too much. I didn’t care about how there were few relations with Kaitlin’s real life and parallel-universe life, and everything else was okay too. I just thought that one-third of the book into a parallel universe is too much. (WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY too much.)

Q: Do you always not like the endings? (I’m not using the word ‘hate’.)

A: I’m not sure… Though I have to admit that I didn’t like the last books I recently read that were in series. Besides Top of the Fued Chain and There’s No Place Like Home, there’s also Mockingjay from the Hunger Games series by Suzanne Collins. I didn’t like the ending too. You guys might not really know about that though. (And I’m not going into all sorts of reasons why I didn’t like the ending.)

Q: Is there any ending of a series that you like?

A: I really want to know about that too, I’m gonna think about it, and maybe if there’s one I like, I could tell you. There’s still Ally Carter’s next book in the Gallagher Girls series, I don’t know when it’s gonna end though, and then there’s a lot of other books too.

Something to add: If you’ve read The Clique series also by Lisi Harrison, may I ask you a question?

Q: Why didn’t Massie know Derrington’s real name is Derrick Harrington at the end? Wasn’t she the one who made up that nickname?

A: …I don’t know.


UPDATES: I’ll be busy doing revisions for the public examinations that are coming up, and I’ll be missing my blog. I’ll try to come up more often, but all the homeworks and revisions are REALLY getting to me.

I’ve also been thinking to start writing, but I don’t know where should I post them. I’ve been wanting to open up a photo blog, and it seems like quite good to open up a writing blog too, but then there’d be two more blogs, I can’t manage all of them. I’m thinking about a WORKS blog, so I can put everything in there. How’s that?

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