Does it matter what kind of bucket I kick?

‘cus if I kick one made from gold, my foot is gonna hurt before the bucket topples over.

Okay, so TOUCHWOOD. What is there to do before I kick the effin’ bucket?


My Bucket List:

1. Meet my favourite celebrity someone who had inspired me in life in person.
2. Read a lot of books (Maybe like 52 books a year? A book per week. Does NOT include Chinese books.)
3. Do vlogs.
4. Be in art business. (Or anything related)
5. Write a program or a game.
6. Earn my own house/Get a room makeover.
7. Survive High School and get good grades. Done…?
8. Win in any kind of lucky draw. (Journal Entry — February 20, 2012) Done on February 20, 2012.
9. Continue to expand my blogs.
10. A works blog containing all my works, and keep updating it. (deviantArt Account) Done on February 2, 2012.
11. Compose a song/Write lyrics to a song.
12. Stay in a foreign country for over 2 weeks. Done in September 2012. I’m studying in the UK now.
13. Be in a fan club. (MileyWorld) Done.
14. Own a sidekick. Done on September 11, 2011.
15. Shop online. (Trusted sites only.) Done on October 5, 2012. Now I kinda like shopping online.
16. Travel the world. EVERYWHERE with my camera.
17. Sponsor a child (or 2) over World Vision.
18. Donate blood.
19. Make a lot of videos/short films.
20. Take part in an ImprovEverything event.
21. Finish any Lara Croft games and Uncharted games myself.
22. Sleep for 24 hours.
23. Take part in 30 hour famine.
24. Design something.
25. Sit in First Class on an airplane trip.
26. Learn sign language.
27. Register for organ donation.
28. See a shooting star.
29. Be on the radio.
30. Be a member on Runescape.
31. Volunteer at a charity sale.
32. Learn/Take up boxing. Meh.
33. Dye my hair. Done in October, 2012. I’ve got highlights in my hair.
34. Not sleep for 48 hours.

Updated on: September 3, 2012.


Idea taken from:
The Daily Post: Write your bucket list.

2 thoughts on “Does it matter what kind of bucket I kick?

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