What would you tell yourself 10 years ago?

Idea taken from:
The Daily Post: What would you tell yourself 10 years ago?.

Hey, I know you must be thinking who I am, little kid. I’m you from 10 years in the future. Here’s some advice. Stay true to yourself, NEVER give up your dreams, and work harder. Don’t be the class prefect in primary 5, it will give you a year of hell. Don’t yell too hard for cheerleading practices in form 1, it’s not worth it to lose your voice. I can’t help you with the depression in form 4, it had changed your life. No matter what, just be yourself, and don’t do something that you will regret, just like I did.

You must be thinking how I had come from the future. I stepped into a portal, concentrating hard on the time and place I wanted to go, and poof, I’m here. Well, not exactly, I fell from the sky. It gave me literally a pain in the butt. I must get going, I only have 5 minutes. I love you, tell that to yourself too. Treasure your friends and your memories. You might not be great at school grades, but I know, just one day, you’ll be happy with life and don’t care what everyone else thinks. LOVE YOU AND SEE YA. (:

now I just have to find that portal again……………………………………………………………

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