Three-runway system?! PLEASE READ. For the sake of the Chinese White Dolphins and our environment.

I have absolutely no idea why people does not get what the REAL HARM that brings to the habitats of the White Dolphins. I’m not trying to wash your brains, and I’m absolutely not those type of extreme environmentalist, but it is very irritating to actually THINK about it. Let alone talk about it.

It pollutes the sea. No doubt. The sea is home to, not only the white dolphins, but definetely a lot of other animals that live in the sea. Human does NOT fully rule the universe. We can’t just let these animals die. Not ever in our hands. That’s murdering if the victim is a human. So in other words, we are murdering these animals.

There are only less than 300 Chinese white dolphins left in Hong Kong, what would there be after the construction of the third runway? I doubt it entirely that there will still be many left from the constructions, with all the pollution it brings to the sea and the environment.

Not all of us need to use the airport, I know this is to widen up the incoming and outgoing of a lot of other people, and mainly to improve the international city image, but is it really necessary? And how about all the construction costs? It would cost a lot for that runway. And you are actually expecting all of those who will never even afford to ride on an aeroplane to pay more tax for the third runway?

I guess all of us, to some point of our lives, figure that there are things we could never, ever, buy with our money. No matter how much we own. So even if you have earned everything back from all of the revenues of the third runway, you will never be able to buy the lives of the Chinese white dolphins. Not that the government will ever try doing that even if they can.

The report is no better either. There were proofs that the report misdirects its readers. The maps are misleading, and it included just one TINY section of about the marine ecology. That’s about 5%. The other 95% are all on how “oh, the third runway will totally increase our earnings” and how “it will improve the image of Hong Kong”. That’s all? THAT’S ALL?! (The report of HK airport’s scheme:

Well, there are, of course, a lot of other environmental issues. With all of the usual, LAND FILLING (which required filling about 34 victoria parks), AIR POLLUTION, WATER POLLUTION, NOISE POLLUTION and all sorts of other stuffs that could do bad to the environment.

I’m definetely not exaggerating. Please read the newsletter below, and sign WWF’s partition. ACT FAST PLEASE! If you don’t want stupid people who only cares about money and image to destroy the environment, PLEASE ACT FAST!!! (Yeah, and the government’s also the one talking about how we should care for the environment. So convincing and not contradicting, eh?)

WWF’s newsletter on the third (and totally not worth it) runway:

WWF’s petition:

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